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Well, the last month (literally since April 20th) has been a royal mess, perhaps disaster would be a good word to use? Between me, one of the cats, my grandmother, brother-in-law, sister, and mother, we've all been sick (all of us hospitalized but my sister and me--and I've been sick almost the entire time with something or another), and things have been insane around here.

I guess since this is my first entry here and many of you won't know me, I should give a little background. My hubby and I live on the same property as my parents, and we (collective WE, as in the family) own a lot of acreage, about 45-ish, including some that can't be used, as it's swampland. We have about 16 or 18 horses, roughly, at last count that I was aware of, but the number changes, as my sister and I teach horseback riding lessons--I only teach a few, but I do more with camps and pony rides and birthday parties, etc. So, lesson horses come and go, personal horses are always here. I own one, but my sister is the primary rider, as I've been very ill with Lyme disease for some time. The real decline from Lyme started about 2 years ago with various symptoms, but it's higly likely I've had it for up to 30 years, and it's all very complicated--I'll spare you the details there.

So my hubby and I live in a trailer here on the property behind the barn, and it's in real disrepair, we do what we can, but it's never enough. And we never have enough money to keep up with what's wrong with the place, so we live as best we can with what we have available to us. We all get together on holidays, take care of each other's pets, etc. My pets are my kids, and actually all but 3 are my familiars at this point, which is odd, I know, considering that I have 7 cats (6 of which are familiars, and 1 of which really wants to be, but he's a rescued feral cat who's been through a lot in his young lifetime, and he just can't quite bring himself to allow petting or touching yet, although he's been with us about a year and a half) and 2 dogs. One of the dogs seems to want to be a familiar, but she's not living with us, as the trailer just isn't big enough for her energy, she still lives with my sister at the "big house," which is what we call my mom and dad's house that they share with my sister, her kids, and her husband.

Sounds like a mess already, doesn't it? You have no idea! LOL

So, my hubby and I made plans to go to Myrtle Beach for a few days at the end of April. We were to leave on April 20 and come back April 23. We thought it would be nice, and we were offered this discounted rate for hearing a presentation on time-shares (everyone groan!). We got the news that one of the cats had diabetes maybe a week or so before the trip, and we really fretted over what to do with him, because he didn't like going to the vet's office, so I was concerned about leaving him, plus with giving him insulin, I was concerned about how that would work with them not being open for 12 hours, but I figured it was the best place for him. The money concerns were also eating at both me and my hubby.

When he seemed to be doing ok, we decided to go ahead and board him at the vet, though, and we got a quote for the boarding. We budgeted for it, and we went on with the vacation. We have another cat who takes medication at home, because he's neurotic due to some issues with his previous owner (yes, all my cats have found ME, not the other way around!), and he also has bladder issues, so he has to take medication once a day in the evening. So, my sister, her kids, and my mom all took turns coming over to check on them and to medicate him, and to feed the rest of them and refresh the water, and to feed the dog and pay attention to him.

We had a decent time, but the first night there, we had an odd experience in the hotel room (think: psychic, either contact with dead using me as medium, or premonition-type, not quite sure what to think still; plus one of the cats astral-projected, which explains a lot about him and some behaviors he exhibits when we're at home!). We also developed headaches and a draining of energy the entire time we were in the hotel room, but nowhere else in the hotel or on the vacation. I felt nauseated in the room, perhaps because I had near-migraines the whole time, and slept almost the entire time we were in there. My hubby didn't feel well. He didn't experience much of the situation, mostly it was me, but he did see the cat and he heard me during the experience.

We ended up leaving a day early for 2 reasons: one being that the hotel room was too draining on both of us, and we decided that since we didn't have the money to go elsewhere and we weren't really able to enjoy the rest of it, one night wasn't really worth the stay; and the other being that wildfires had set out in the area and were skipping over highways, and we didn't want to get trapped there. So, we left and about 30 minutes on the road, both of us felt normal again.

When we got home, it was about 1 am, and we left our baggage in the car, just went in and the cats went nuts. We didn't get to pick up the one from boarding until the next morning, and we called to see when he could go home, and it wouldn't be till the afternoon. When we went to pick him up, they had charged us for the day, because it was afternoon! I was a little ticked at all the extra charges put on the bill--they did a LOT more bloodwork than we authorized, and a few extras, so we were only able to pay about half the bill and had to postpone payment on the rest till the next paycheck. What a mess!

So after we got home, I got to feeling much better right at first, but then almost immediately, ended up getting sick, probably just from the stress of everything going on. My sleep cycle has been off for a while, probably from the Lyme and everything--that's pretty common. But, I've been having headaches and all sorts of other stuff, and that can be from the treatment. You can get all sorts of aches, pains, nausea, etc, from the treatment, it's called a Herx reaction, and it happens when you increase medications. I'm taking an herbal treatment, and you have to increase slowly to get up to a therapeutic dosage of meds, then you add in another medication. It sounds complicated, but it's really not!

So, anyway, I did ok after a few days, and my hubby went back to work the following Monday. Off and on, I was sorta nauseated. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I started getting nauseated, and just had some strange symptoms, but very non-specific. I couldn't put them up to anything, so I just assumed they were Lyme or Herx-related. Then that Friday, about 6 am, I started getting horrible pains in my side. I realized, cuz this has happened before, that I had been suffering all week, from a growing ovarian cyst which just burst that morning. This was the 3rd or 4th time in the last 11 or 12 years this has happened, so at this point, I've come to understand what is going on. I didn't see the need to see the doctor. I just used my back pain meds and got through the next several days.

It was the next Thursday before I had a decent day and felt good. Then, Friday, I woke up with a horrendous cold! Are you KIDDING me? So, I broke out the Zicam and started in with it. And it helped, but I ran out before it was over, so I'm still feeling a little crappy, but definitely better at this point. What a weekend. I haven't even been online at all to check anything. And, of course, my cell phone decided not to work all weekend. So lovely! Argh!!

But during all this time, my brother-in-law ended up in the hospital with kidney stones. Then my grandmother ended up in the hospital with anemia, and she's had 3 or 4 transfusions since she was admitted. She's out of the hopsital and has been out since she was admitted--she only stayed a day or 2. Then my mom ended up in the hospital not too long after that, and she was there for kidney stones, too. She eventually had to have surgery to get it out. The same day she had surgery, my sister had a triple-tooth root canal! Dang, that would be a... well, too much for me! I've had 2 root canals from my TMJ and trauma to my teeth, but they were at different times. Wow, is all I can say! But, I'm happy to report all are now well.

Needless to say, it's been sorta a disaster. Not to mention that during this time, I've also had to write my 3 columns for the CNT and get them turned in. Windy is a gem, tho! Totally! When I talked to her and suggested that I may not have all my columns in and explained my situation, I told her the one I had the most progress on, she told me not to worry about it, just do what I could. I ended up getting all of them in and on time, but she was really cool about it. I LOVE that!

And I love being here. I'm really excited to get going and doing more, and to get back on WS, TC, and RMS!!

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Comment by BellaDonna Grimijser on January 5, 2010 at 3:57pm
Will you be terribly agitated with me if I tell you that as I read this I was laughing hysterically? I know that's an inappropriate response but you wrote it so well. Kisses, ropes, chokes and hugs ~belladonna ♥


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