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This will be a short blog post today because I have to get ready to teach my summer school class, non-profit financial management, that starts tomorrow. It is a marathon course. We do an entire semester's work in five long, eight-hour days (Fri-Sat-Fri-Sat-Fri) but it is also a lot of fun. Anyway, why did you get up this morning?

I hope you realize that life isn't designed to be fun and games and its not a life-time pass to an amusement park. Life is designed, and we designed it this way in our soul contracts, to be challenging and sometime difficult and sad, and only occasionally rewarding. In fact, sometimes I think that the rewards are few and far between, but just often enough to keep us going. We designed our lives to be challenging to motivate soul growth and development. If life was easy we wouldn't grow much. Think back to all the things that you have learned or done that were really easy; how much growth occurred because of those events? What about the times when you really had to push yourself and work hard? I bet you grew a lot more from those experiences.

So, if we designed our lives to be challenging, what is there in your life that makes you want to get up every morning and face another day? I want you to think really hard about that question today. What is your passion? Once you discover your passion then see how you can spend more of your life doing just that.

For example, in the 1981 I started and grew a successful CPA firm in Seattle where I specialized in consulting to corporations on accounting information system issues. The practice grew and was profitable but I wasn't happy. It didn't make me want to get up in the morning and face another day of client system problems. Then I discovered teaching and I went back to school, earned a PhD, and have been a professor for about 30 years. I don't make as much money as I would have had I stayed with my growing CPA practice but I'm happy. I get up every day excited because I get to help my college students discover their passions, even if they discover them away from accounting. I'm 66 and I plan on teaching for at least another 6 years because I can't think of anything else I would rather do. Retire? Are you kidding, and miss all the fun? That's my passion story in a nutshell. What's yours?

Find, then live your passion,

Rev. Dave

PS: I won't be posting tomorrow or Saturday because I'll be teaching, but I'll be back Monday. Even if no one reads my blog posts I grow by putting my thoughts down in writing. However, if you do read this, then a really big thank you for sharing my journey.

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