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Winter is definitely upon us. I love taking Walks in the Winter. I love the fact of getting all Bundled up against the cold, by putting on my winter boots and mittens and off I go to explore the Winter Wonderland that we call Nature. Wish I could get more walks in but again, we make our own choices and one of mine is to make time to do this more often. I love the bare, stark trees, the sounds of the birds and watching the ground critters digging for and burying food away for the Winter.This a time for Quietness, peacefulness, contemplation of the Mind, Body and Soul. Try to keep things simple and happy in your life and in all that you do my friends. It doesn’t have to be materialistic, chaotic, or even dare we say awful unless you make it that way or YOU allow people to bring that into your life's. Always make good choices, change things up, re-evaluate what you love in your life and discard those you don’t. I have seen many friends and families torn apart by their differences when it has come to difference of opinions in regards to Religion, Politics, Sexuality and so many other topics already this year. If this is the case please make the decision to be mindful and embrace the differences. We all have opinions but that does warrant for any of us to show disrespecting and destructible behavior towards each other. Whatever works for you to stay positive and joyful I strongly suggest YOU DO It!. Take some time out for yourself and contemplate what Goals you would like to manifest for yourself in the spring.

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