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Wish Spell

You will need:
1. A strip of colored paper 1 inch wide X 8-10 inches long:
Red for finding love or lust or rekindling it
Pink for friendship and compassion
Orange for focus, general good luck and careers
Yellow for happiness and creativity
Green for fertility, prosperity, and healing
Blue for wisdom, truth and justice
Violet for spirituality, "vision", and intuition
Black or Grey for protection and security
White for cleansing, purity, and new beginnings
2. A candle and lighter
3. A pen
4. A metal or ceramic bowl, cauldron, or cup (for burning in)
5. thread - black or white
6. a pair of tweezers
7. a glass of water

**This spell requires burning paper, so if you live in a place where this is an
issue, do this spell outside.**

Part one of Spell- creating the wish charm: On the end of your strip of paper, write the desired outcome of
your wish. For example write "true love" or "healthy new baby" here.
Next fill the rest of the strip with the name or names of those
intended to receive benefit from the spell (yourself or others). Repeat
so it fills the strip of paper. Roll up the paper strip with the wish
at the center to create a tight coil. bind the roll with thread and
knot tightly. Hold the new "charm" in your hands and charge. Visualize
the wish coming true. Feel energy pouring into the paper, sending
electricity and life into each word.

- at this point you can either keep the charm on you for a few days... binding it to your energy and
adding energy to the spell or continue on to finish the spell-

Part two of Spell: Sending out your wish: On the night of the full moon (ideally) or any night of a waxing moon, light your candle. Look intently into the
flame. Say this:

"The moments and decisions of Our Great God and Great Goddess
Gave Life to us, the people, as I do this intent
We have lived through bounty and famine, war and peace,
happiness and sadness, wisdom and ignorance
All of this has been by the natural design
Now within our earthly construct, I ask you-
weavers of fate and fortune... with harm to none grant this request;
by our combined will
I wish _________________________________ SO MOTE IT BE!"

With tweezers hold the paper in the flame until it lights and drop into empty bowl. As it burns chant your wish... Know that your wish is being released into the
universe to make its way to fruition.

Blessed BE! -Megan

(c) Megan Herrod 2010. Republish only when cited.

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