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Greetings Witch Schoolers,

Witch School’s New Web Site has launched! Above all, we want to thank you, our much loved members, all for your patience and understanding in this very long process. We know how hard this was for many of you.

To show our gratitude, we will be extending Lifetime Membership purchases till Nov. 30th. After that date, no new Lifetime Memberships will be available for purchase. Of course, all existing Lifetime Membership will always be honored. This purchase can only be made on our social site, The Daily Spell. Please be sure you have an established WSI account before making your purchase. The upgrade will take a day to post.

Although we have launched, the site is not quite finished. Our team of 21 volunteer testers have turned in over 160 issues and 17 remain to be fixed. Our programmers have committed to fixing all issues by Nov. 22, 2019. The remaining issues mainly revolve around the Admin and Mentor modules and so should not affect students. We know that many of you will find a glitch or an issue while exploring the new site as it is very complex from a programming point of view. We ask that if after Nov. 22nd issues are found, then please contact Support, providing your WSI account #, the details around your glitch and a screen shot, if possible, to the e-mail address below.

If you accidently logged into the site before today’s announcement was made and reported an issue, please recheck the issue you submitted to see if it still an issue. Be sure you understand how to navigate through the new site before you recheck your issue by watching the site navigation Announcement videos. If you still have the issue, please resubmit it. We love that our members were so excited when we migrated the development server to the live server for testing and final set up purposes, however, as you discovered we were not ready for members to use the site yet. This generated 100’s of e-mails to Support that simply overwhelmed our Support Volunteer.

The new site navigates very differently than the old site. The Main Site has information that is not specific to your account. The Dashboard has all the information about your account and menus to access the many features of the site. The Profile is where you can update your account information, i.e. e-mail, Alias, etc. The giant sideways G Avatar icon at the top right of the screen allows you to toggle back and forth between the three areas of the new site. Members can look for Users How-To video links to the Announcement section on your Dashboard.

To access your courses on a Laptop:

· Log In.

· Select Dashboard from the top menu by click the giant sideways G.

· The Dashboard menu will appear to the left.

· Choose My Courses to select between Current Courses and Completed Courses.

· Click the Action Wheel (looks like a gear) to the right to choose your action.

· Select View to get to your course work.

· Select either the Lesson or Test tab, not the header, depending on which option you need to interact with next.

Students using a mobile device:

· Log In.

· Click the set of bars in the upper right-hand corner.

· A menu will be presented to you, click Dashboard

· Another set of bars will appear on the upper left corner.

· Click this new set of bars and a Dashboard menu will be presented to you.

· From there, you can follow the instructions given above to access your classes.

· Some mobile devices require you to rotate the device horizontally for optimal viewing.

It was a fine balancing act between ending the freeze that we know was so painful for our members and delivering a site that is as glitch free as possible. We hope that after November 22nd you will be impressed with the new site and enjoy it for many years to come. After the site is completed, the next thing on the WSI team agenda is to add many new courses for you. We have added several during the site rebuilt, i.e. Tarot related ones, and plan on continuing to grow the catalog. If there is a subject that is of particular interest to you that would enhance our catalog of courses, please let us know!

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding on this the final stage of an 18 months journey.

Witch School Team

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