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I've received a number of blessings in my life of late and I'd like to share them. The first, being my website which, after a month, I've finally managed to construct. A good portion of the delay had to do with intimidation. My not really being sure how complicated a job it was. It turned out to be less complicated than I feared (yet still took me several hours). Now, I need to learn how to tweak and fiddle with it cause I want to make it fun. Indeed I'm using it to sell me and my writing, yet I want people to enjoy it.

So take a look around my site at

Another blessing in my literary life is the publication of my novel "Trouble" on Kindle. It's a science fiction comedy with western overtones that I wrote several years ago and decided to self publish. That was another thing that took longer than I would have liked but was easier than I thought. If you like Douglas Adams and Harry Harrison, I think you'll like this.

Check it out by clicking on "Trouble."

And yet one more blessing has come in the publication of the first novel in my vampire series set in Chicago. I've been shopping "To Touch the Sun" around for a few years (in the meantime writing four more books in the series and a spin off) and I've finally found a publisher in Birmingham, England, in a rather curious way that makes me think that things were "guided" a bit. We're hashing out the contract now and hoping for a December printing. I'll post more on that as more information is available.

The year started on an uncertain note for me with the part time job I had for 10 years possibly lost to me (possibly at the time, definitely lost in April as I quit rather than make a movie I couldn't afford). Rather than panic, I chose instead to fall back on the Enright ability for denial and it made the worrisome months that followed a bit easier. You have to count the blessings you have. I had some money from a 401K to supplement the money I earned at the one part time job I still had at which I was able to pick up extra hours. I don't know if things were guided on that one, but I do believe I did the right thing ultimately since the place I worked at had become a very unhealthy place to work. 

But for 10 years my schedule had become all work and precious little play (or writing toward the end). I worked 60 hours a week, 6-7 days a week and it was all about keeping my head above water. I put what I cared about on the back burner just to do it. As uncertain as my future was after quitting my job, it gave me the time to work on other options and cleared my head a bit. Life has a way of forcing the issue. I was given little choice, but I can't complain. 

These blessing I've received this year did not come without a lot of hard work. They weren't just handed to me intact by the universe. And that's how it should be I suppose. If I'm diligent and work hard, I feel the blessings will just blossom. 

So I'm grateful to the universe for this "push." Hopefully I can make the best of it. 

With a little help, that is. ;)

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Comment by Sequoia on September 7, 2013 at 9:46am

Congrats on your blessings! I love your website; it's cute and playful. (And your cat is gorgeous!) I'm an aspiring writer myself so I wish you the best of luck in the future with all your projects!

~With love, Sequoia

Comment by Laura L. Enright on September 8, 2013 at 1:04am

Thanks, Sequoia. If you ever get around to setting a website up, I can recommend Go Daddy (my only complaint is that there is no toll free number when you need to call them). They make it really easy. Good luck with your aspirations. Hugs!


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