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What a joyful day it is! I have become a lifetime member of this fine circle of like minded souls. I was also given a gift and a blessing by a brother by the sea in this fair kingdom, Oregon. My thanks brother Prince Brayden. I have just this day shared a dream with an associate, another step in the manifestation of a group of brethren with the purpose of supporting each other in healing and spirituality.

We are cast in the image of the Gods and Goddesses. Is it not this day and all others, our mission to create? We toss about ideas but is it not proper to thread the ribbons of our dreams into manifestations of prosperity and joy at all levels of our being?

It is with gratitude that I close this day.

Blessed be all here.

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Comment by Crescent (Rev) on January 2, 2011 at 12:00pm
Merry Meet, Spirit Walker. Welcome to the fold. Many Blessings,



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