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Rev. Don discusses how a person who wishes to study Wicca or another metaphysical belief system, but is being held back by a sense of guilt instilled by their previous religion, might proceed, in response to a question from Kuyog Garimot. Have you ever had to deal with this sort of "Spiritual Hangover"? If so, how did you move beyond it?

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Comment by Michelle M Morrison on April 12, 2018 at 12:08pm

Very pleased addressing this question. I walk the path using Roman Catholicism as a base with the metaphysical guidance There is love found within metaphysics. When Rev. Don speaks of higher self it is your will's understanding of Divine. Take what you feel is of conscience for God knows your use of metaphysics is being love and of Him with a added understanding of other's ways of coming to love. Blessed Be and Amen I paused with finishing 3rd degree priestess studies due to discernment. I happily am Outercourt with Correllian Navalist Wicca Tradition Michelle Morrison mmcountrygal4/Ladywillowrose4

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