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Rev. Don discusses the controversial Logan Paul video, in response to a question from Afterfauve.

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on January 5, 2018 at 12:47pm

never saw it , and don't even know the person. death walks with take .there is also a great deal of evidence showing that becoming aware of death can have a powerful positive effect in the way in which we live, we strive to be the best as humans can be, it in fact can be a teaching tool. we tend to developed a much more appreciative attitude, a sense of gratitude for aspects of their life they had taken for granted before. people assume they will live for ever and with teens they seem to use this attitude that they are invincible when in reality we as humans are fradual realizing that death walks along side,the world will also become a more real place to us/them,the things that they/we had never paid attention to, before became strikingly vivid and beautiful. To a large extent, it depends on the intensity of the encounter with our mortality?

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