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BOS features wanted, and likes and dislikes of your current solution...

Good day everyone!

We're about to ship our Book Of Shadows software application and in the spirit of making sure it will make as many people happy as it can I'd like to toss out some questions.

First off aside from the obvious sections such as recipes, spells, rituals, etc. - what kinds of features would you like it to have?

And secondly if you have some kind of existing program and/or you're using a collection of programs (e.g. Word plus GIMP plus others) - what kinds of things do you dislike about it, and what kinds of things can't it do that you wish it did?

Post here or you can write me direct at with your thoughts and/or any questions you have about our upcoming program release.

* upcoming means the next couple months

* no it won't be free

* it's Windows only at this time, if we see enough sales and demand we'll do a
Mac and tablet editions

drc :)

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I would like the pages to be printable, so I can print them and put them in my BoS.

Indeed! The idea is to record your information in our app and pretty print everything to put in a binder/book.

For example spells can contain rich text and embedded images, and when you print them you can select a custom font and size as well as adjust margins to take into account fancy paper which may have pre-printed headers or borders.

drc :)

Okay, after thinking about categories, I came up with these suggestions:
-Basic Research
-Chants, Blessings, and Poetry
-Daily Devotions
-The Elements
-The Mysteries
-Deity Studies and Research
-The Wheel of the Year
-Lunar Research and Information
-Magickal Tools and Altar Setup
-Magick and Spells
-Potions and Recipes
-Magickal Correspondences
-Magickal Symbols and Sigils
-Circle Casting
-Energy Work, Meditations, Regressions, etc.
-Chakra Work
-Animal Totems, Pathworking, and Shamanism
-ESP, Ghosts, and the Paranormal

Thanks for you input!

I'm compiling everything I get from anyone into a bit list and we'll go from there to see what else we might add to version 1 and what things will come in a later update.

drc :)

I use Microsoft Word to create my Book Of Shadows on my computer. The difficulty with it is the need to scroll through the whole thing to find what I want. An index and Table of Contents would be great where the desired item could be clicked on and the software would take you to that place in the book. Also a search feature that could find a word anywhere in the BOS so that spell you are looking for can be found! The good thing about Word is the ability to put pictures in where I want them, resize them to the size I want, and to move stuff around by copying and pasting when I want to re-organize it. It is also easy to select and print out what I want to whenever I want to add something to my hard copy BOS. Word has clip art available. Will you have a wide range of clip art and the ability to import clip art and pictures' from outside sources? I like to put pictures of herbs, gemstones, etc by each item to illustrate it. I use more than one computer. Will it be available for use on more than one computer by the same purchaser?

My BOS has a section on
Book Blessing
Candle Magic
Cleansing and Consecrating
Circle Casting
Creating Sacred Space
I like the ones listed by Syrai too. They sound like great sections. Also a Journal or Diary section would be useful.

We have a Word like mini-word processor for important text with spell check, glossary and you can embed images as well.

Images whether embedded or part an items definition or part of a gallery can be imported via a standard file open dialog and can be .jpg, .png or .gif.

Yes you can print whatever you want - for example Spells you can print one, some or all, and only certain parts if you want for example no need to print the entire casting history if you just tweaked the description. You can also customize the font and it's size and do some margin adjustments too allow room for pre-printed paper that may have headers or side scrolling artwork.

The core app will only run on a single computer at the moment though when we get to the tablet version you will be able to sync the two.

More questions? - post here or write me direct if you want to really get into the details of the app.

drc :)

First I like it to be able to write poetry and stories

There's plenty of places to record whatever you wish of any catehory you can think of.

drc :)

I would also want it to make easier to write their own spells with an indicator for people to make sense of their spell

Kitchen Witch recipes
Astral Travel
Web-working/networking pages (kind of like a magical address book)

Since the pages are printable can we have additional pretties such as pictures, colorful pages, etc? for those of us who are really into making a decorative BOS?

I want to add that I really hope this does well enough to have it as an app on tablets - I have a Chromebook so I cannot run Windows applications on it so will not be able to use this until it goes to tablet, Chrome, or android app.

Naturally I'm with you there - we want it to sell well to help fund the additional hardware and development softeware needed to get some version of it up and running on tablets both IOS and Android.

drc :)


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