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I love the latest video from Rev. Don.

If there is anything that fires up the know it all haters, it's people trying to mix Christianity and Paganism. He He.

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I just wanted to discuss in on the WitchSchool forums, as the link only goes to the Youtube community.

I would like to encourage Christo-Pagans to follow their path.

I think the video by Rev. Don is pretty good. I also think that those posts defending titles of being "Eclectic Wiccans" are also good. It is good to explain why you call yourself a Christo-Pagan or an Eclectic Wiccan. People may argue with you about it and it is important you be prepared to defend your beliefs.

LOL!! Rev. Don prevaricated very nicely on this issue! He didn't answer the question as much as tell the questioner that if they believe they can rationalize it, then it's ok. Good response! LOLOL!!

Well within the parameters of Eclectic Wicca!

is it really more christian to be kind to people, then it is pagan ? .is it more christian thing, to help one another ? is it a christian thing to be charitable ? do I haft to call my self christian instead of pagan, in order to do these things ? and by the way, what is defined as christian today ? can we place jesus in the pagan world ? surly he is as much a archtype as any other. and just why is it important to place a label on our selves, like a box of cereal ? or a Maytag washer ? does it tell me how well the machine will perform or how well the cereal tastes ? everything evolves .. look at politics and all these bozos proclaim to be christian, so what does it really mean ?

In my opinion Rev.Donald Lewis did a fantastic job explaining the unity that one might have about mixing both realms which are completely opposite to some but for others they go together both foundations are the same respect ,love and unity

At he bottom of ALL formal religions is the 'live and let live' message, I believe. It has just been obscured in so many cases by the added dogma and doctrine and exclusionism. I believe one who follows the messages of Jesus but does not 'belong' to one of the denominations of Christianity can easily be a Christo-Pagan. However, one who tries to 'belong' to a Christina denomination is automatically confused, at best, to my mind, as the commonality of the denominations is the belief that one is born sinful, and in need of being 'saved' by the sacrificial death of the Savior, Jesus Christ... But saying one believes in Jesus' message also includes adhering to the Ten Commandments, as He required, and the first Commandment is "Thou shalt have no other Gods before me", which causes major issues to my mind!

But, like I said before - to each their own - LOL! Whatever we can rationalize works for each of us...

i so agree with you 100% when i do my rituals at home i call my parton god/s goddesses the watchtowers the casting of the circle but i also summon either archangel st.michael or archangel metatron

Just watched a documentary on Witchcraft and a British Historian talked about the existence of Witches 500-600 years ago. Basically there was a blurring of lines between Catholic Priests and the local White Witch. People had a more spiritual outlook on life, and the magick the church/priests performed was respected like the local Wizard/witch. There were Black magicians of course. The eucharist was seen as an object imbued with magick. The church used to bless Talismans.

The Christian Witch has been around much longer than any modern Wiccan or Witch.

Tristan, that's a good exposition of Christo-Paganism!! Thanks~~

I think what you say about your methodology comes as close to Christo-Paganism as anything I've read~ using the imagery and Beings of Christianity in a Pagan way - that is, not acknowledging the hierarchy, doctrine and dogma, and exclusivity of the Catholic church.

Oh yes - the Deity-constructs ARE there for anyone! As far as calling yourself Christo-Pagan, I agree - it's only a convenient label to put on someone, but it is a far from accurate label, with too much potential for misunderstanding!

thank you ... Tristan ... I think that was placed their , just as Phoenix said, the church wanted control of the masses and of course offerings or tithes and it was that, only they themselves, could or should do these things thus this dogma placed limitations on the human spirit of others .. BB


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