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I love the latest video from Rev. Don.

If there is anything that fires up the know it all haters, it's people trying to mix Christianity and Paganism. He He.

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Perhaps if someone DID tell them, there would be less hatred toward other religions~

ROTFLMSAO!! In the eyes of Baptists Fundies, and Evangelicals I am already SOOOOO dammed! If they would translate the Bible properly, they would see that it is not 'witches' who are condemned anyway - it's poisoners and mediums! For the whole of the 'RRR' - the Radical Religious Right', - if you're not a member of THEIR church, you're dammed, however.

I have always believed the dietary prohibitions were based in common sense for the climate and the times. For example, pork goes bad very rapidly in a hot climate - letting people die of food poisoning is not a good thing! LOL!! As far as the prohibition against mediums and the other proscribed forms of divination, it's all too easy in a superstitious culture for the unscrupulous to gain and hold power through such means, and that would tend to diminish the reliance of the people upon the Prophets who claimed God's Mandate. The whole job in the very early era was to weld a disparate group into one nation of people, after all, and religion was the binding mechanism.

I think so too! It makes sence that the priests told the people not to eat pork and didn't bother to explain why since the people didn't listen to reason anyway, so just said "God says it" so they'd obey.

Tristan, I believe the people were physically just as evolved as we are today - but socially less evolved, and thus far more likely to ignore someone trying to teach them! Some folks today are STILL like that! LOL!!

You've got that right, Drakill! LOLOL!!

Will do, Tristan!

I think one of the main issues that causes friction over Christo-Paganism is that many Pagans are "recovering Christians". That is to say there are many people in the Pagan community who come from a Christian background where they felt marginalized or even abused. As a result they are very sensitive to anything that reminds them of Christianity -much in the same way that some Christians are afraid of anything Pagan. Pagans who do not come from this sort of background usually do not have the same problems with Christo-Pagans. My attitude is that Correllianism is "A lens through which all things may be seen." That we seek the best of all paths, and if for some of us that means having aspects of Christianity in their practice, as long as those aspects are compatible, why not? We think nothing of adapting aspects of Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Taoist, or many other religions into our practices even though there would be other aspects of those religions not compatible with our own -so why should our attitude toward Christianity be different from any other religion? We are a movement unto ourselves, and we should not be dominated by our relationship to any other religion.

And by the way, all of those other religions I mentioned also adapted liberally from other peoples and religions themselves -it is a deeply ingrained Pagan practice.

Rev Don, thank you for expanding on your blog post. I totally agree that many Pagans (of whatever Path), especially in America, are indeed 'recovering Christians'! I can't count the number of fellow Pagans who do nothing but sneer at anything 'Christian' and refuse to accept that all religions borrow from and influence all other religions in their area of the world.
In my studies I have found that all religions have common threads, much though some cant about the 'originality' of the concepts of THEIR religion. Proselytizing is the worst 'disease' of religions worldwide, IMO. As Wicca and Paganism show in this day and age, if one is MEANT to follow a particular calling, one will find one's way to that Path. The knowledge is out there, the lessons are there to be learned. At times, Seekers find that the Path they have lived and sought for is simply the Path they have not know the name of.
Brightest Blessings, and thank you for your service to the Divine~


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