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I've never been very good at dream analysis but every so often I'll have a dream that I would love to have interpreted for me, like last night.

I don't remember all of it. I just mostly remember a monster attacking me as I climbed up into the rafters of this building I do not recognize. I asked what it was (odd thing to do, I know) and it said
something I don't remember and then followed that with
"The shamans of the desert carved their names into stone for immortality but I am the only thing that lives here."
This saying stuck with me after I woke and just seemed very strange but I couldn't shake it.

After waking I remembered seeing the "monster" somewhere and upon some research online I learned that it is an Ostracoderm - one of the first creatures with vertebrate on earth. I thought this was odd as I do not have much of a scientific or archaeological mind and the only reason I remember the creature was it was on a tattoo I saw a while back.

Any thoughts?

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