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Announcing 8/8 Project: Welcoming the Faery
Offered to all by Ser Ed Correll

Welcome the Faery: 8/8/2020

On this day, we seek to that all who love Fae, fairies, and all the spirit forms, to join us, in inviting them to come and live among us. Let us help in the migration of the Fae.

What do they need from us?
They need homes where people think of them, these beautiful hidden houses, that represent safety and care to them. In this, they hope that you will give them spaces where you want a new wilding. This area of spirit, nature, and kinship can exist. This will be a crucial first step when they have crossed more fully into our realm.

The Action we are asking you
1. Create a Crystal Access Point.
2, Build a Fairy House
3. Place the Access Crystal beneath it, or within the House.
5. Join us on 8/8/2020 to Call the Fairies.
4. You can add Rose Quartz and Amethyst to enhance spell.
6. Share with us a Great Crystal Web Page
7. Register in Crystal Web Map by emailing location to
8. We have a Forum for Discussion at

That is how we ask you to participate. Pretty direct and impactful, allowing for us to share in this wonderful world.

Crystal Web Access Point:
Crystal Web User Manual:

Building a Fairy House:

This is deeply symbolic magic, in which the energy beings, can find common ground with the human and material beings of this world. In the world, there are many examples including Iceland elvish house, Thai Spirit Houses, and the Chinese Homes of the Dead. In essence it is your energy and intent which gives it structure to the imaginative properties shared by Fae and Dreamers.

Gardens and natural spaces are the most common, especially in the old world. Today, you see more doorways, and houses of all kinds. This growth of small houses, such as doll houses, bird homes, and dioramas for the Faery, has allowed us to have contact with the Fae. So now, the Fae of this focus are seeking new spaces to dwell, coming from lands of the just beyond the Fae Courts.

Since we are working in Symbolic magic, meaning it is depicted as energy form, and therefore an object with a signature on the astral and other realms. In some ways, it is the energy pattern on the shared quantum level of existence. However you depict it, it shares between the world as a symbol of useable power and energy. So, a house with a broom allows for a fairy to move in and sweep. If a garden is about, especially a wild patch, they may work with that. In the Golden Age of Doll Houses, the use of miniature furniture and tools offers a fantasy for these growers and tinkerers, to an age unlike anything else.

With this invite, as requested by forces on the Fae side, and as desired by the Dreamers, it allows these energy beings to come and seek out those who they can share and find friendship with. Some will bond, and others will accept the housing offered. This immigration is that of Festival Spirits, who lost their crowds this year. Beneath it all, is those who are workers, seeking a new level of knowledge and skills, for whom the mortal world is a mystery. How they will appear to you and I will depend on our contact, and what we project or envision. They will communicate, especially to those who dream and share the world of thought and mind. So how they will appear depends on the Houses and other symbolic magic included.

For this, Ser Ed Correll, with permission of the Land’s Steward, Ser Laurie Denman, will be creating a castle to honor Ed’s Friend and ally, His Lady, who is believed to be a queen. She will be given a throne. Many have been invited to share in this installation, and the focus of the Invite as offered by Ser Ed Correll. As this represents a migration of possibly a new court, or an old court reborn, we are seeking to offer them a home that is pleasing, magical, and deeply symbolic. For those who do not dwell in this place, they will seek homes wherever they are invited. There is no place upon the world too distant for them to go and dwell.

Why the Crystal Web Access?

Since the Crystal Web is a powerful, imaginative, energetic, construct with believed over a million aligned crystals, there is embedded within is the energy work tens of thousands of seekers, thousands of practitioners, hundreds of masters, and a handful of those fully aligned with the Crystal Web. Within the Crystal Web, there are dozens of major spells, from astrological and astronomical alignments, to the focus and concentration of hundreds of masters and practitioners who add and develop the energies. It is the duty of the Secret Order of the Crystal Web, to seek out and create an ever expanding and evolving network of crystalline intelligence and spiritual energy.

With the Order of Web Weavers, emerging from the Work of Beloved Windy Lajoie, created an active spiritual life, the rituals of the Crystal Web as they revealed themselves to her. She learned of Lady Krystals, Lady Bitterweed, Lady Virginia visions of Crystal Web as well. She synthesized them, bringing even greater focus. Then she passed from this physical life, and yet, her presence has become known.
It is now accepted that true spirits dwell and use the Crystal Web through the Order of the Web Weavers, to communicate and be available to be spoken to.

In creating a Crystal Access Point over the Fae House, is akin to giving them access to electricity for us. It is a source of magical energy they understand and are in awe of. So, to offer them the Crystal Web Access, to allow them to tap into the power regenerative energies flowing through, gives them the ability to be more in this world. What was once a rare space, a crystal cave, a perfect grotto, a truly wild space, can be given through the Crystal Web. It may not be as those perfect spots, but it is far greater than they have ever seen in their homelands. So, the Crystal Web Access Point is a way to improve their lives on a magical level.

The adding of Rose Quartz is to have a loving effect, a world of positive energy. Amethyst is healing and is said to be a power stone for Fae. It is very likely another matrix of Amethyst will be formed. So, between quartz of clear, rose, and amethyst, will give them useful vibrations, to help their magic, symbolically and even practically.

Protection for Crystal Web

For those who wish to protect Fae from traveling in the web, add an iron nail or small disc. This will send a signal to tell Fae not to go or enter, in a polite way. This allows the energy to pass through but keeps the Fae within their realm.

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