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My family (my husband, girlfriend and myself) are discussing making a book of shadows for shared use to pass on to our future children.

Have you done this?
How did it go?

What would you add to your family BOS?
What would you omit that would be in your personal BOS?

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I haven't started one but have kept one going. It was passed to me from my aunt and she got it from her grandmother. A bit tatty so I reproduced a lot into a better book.
I love reading through I can feel my ancestors in the room with me.
It is filler with spells, recipes both witchy and normal, descriptions of places they went and how they felt when they were there, and of the births of their children, their marriages etc. part BoS part diary. I am still only a quarter of the way through copying everything whilst adding bits of my own but it an amazing drift through time.
And my girls will one day add to it as well. Thankfully it is a big book with the ability to add as many pages as we need.
Go for it. It is an amazing feeling reading this one and I am sure it will be the same for generations to come.

Thats awesome Ladywytch.
Im hoping to soon order a custom BOS with screw posts so that we can add pages later if need arises.
The idea of owning such a book from my ancestors is what prompted me and my family to create one of our own.
My husbands family practices even though it is somewhat under the guise of family superstition and some form of German Saint Magic, but none of their spells or whatever they would like to call them are written down and I don't want them to be lost.

If my children decide to follow in the Wiccan path, I plan to leave my bos to them. Besides spells and rituals, I have also included any holiday traditions...Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas. I have included some poetry I have written. I also have a few family recipes. I just had my first child, so I plan to make a page dedicated to him...with a little snippet about the day he was born and what not. I'll do a page for each child I have. No one else in my family is Wiccan, so I have basically had to start my book from scratch.

the page for your son is a great idea.
thanks for the ideas


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