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We get a lot of emails from students who have returned to the website after an extended absence and find that their email login is no longer working. Don't panic! Your membership is still here and still active. We do not delete anyone's membership without their knowledge. Below are some details about how you can get reconnected with the website.

Login for class site is in upper left corner under Witch School Login inside black box. Login for The Daily Spell is in upper right corner. You must register first (sign up, not sign in) to join The Daily Spell site if you have not done so already. Once you are logged in to The Daily Spell you can click on Settings in upper right corner of main page to update or change any info there.

URL for Witch School class site login is We have 2 logins, one for the class site and one for The Daily Spell, due to security reasons. You can use the same login information for both or you can use two different ones, again this is entirely up to you. Once logged in to the class site, you can click on Edit Info at left menu to update email, etc. there. You can always contact for any questions or concerns.

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We really are committed to lifetime education. We want you to be able to rejoin us whenever you can. Thank you Maryann.

thanx. my profession forces me to be absent for few months at a time, but i have not had this problem. however if i have to i will look up to this discussion
Thank you for this.

I was one of those that have been away for several years from WS but have now returned and was delighted to see my account with LifeTime membership was still as active as ever.

It's great to be back.

Blessed Be
Well, great work! You have helped me to improve my knowledge about this field. Thank you so much for sharing.

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I'm one who's recently come back to witchschool. I was able to log in with no trouble but I am unable to register for any classes. I can see the list of courses for both basic and supporting students, but when I click the tab to register, it says its for supporting members only. So how do I start taking classes?

I was a lifetime member but had to be away for a very long time. I don't even remember the email address I had used back then to register. I re-registered and therefore am no longer a lifetime member to my dismay. It's nice to be back though I must say!

Even tho I pop-in on occasion (due to personal reasons) both my account logins still work. Thinking I should try to check-in more often, and try to get back to my studies also.
Thank you letting us know this

I am coming back after a LONG time away, glad to be back and can't wait to get started again.

I was away for a very long time (many years)... I'm very glad to return! I hope to make some new friends, and return to my studies. :)

I am back.

Hi! I'd like to be apart of welcoming old members back or truly new members who haven't been here before.It would be my honor and pleasure to welcome them here again and hopefully a listing of these people will be posted on the main welcome page so that I can convey to them my heart fill welcome anyway I hope your enjoying being with your families on this day and let us send some unconditional love to those who have to spend today alone.I miss my own parents especially my mom who I love and miss very much so this concludes my post thank you for allowing me to post here goodbye!

Hi! I posted my comments before on the subject of members and I was wondering why isn't there a listing of members in general?I find it strange on a site such as this one that it isn't listed and I've been on plenty of other websites that list members.Well that is all I have to say on the subject for now I would like if anyone reads these comments to give me a answer in this regard thank you and goodbye signed a current member,Richard!


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