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I'm getting married next year and my fiance and I would like a wiccan handfasting. I'm looking for someone to legally officiate but don't know where to look. Any ideas?

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whereabouts are you located...if in canada..there is a service of which i am using to have a handfasting done in july...they are " all seasons weddings" 1-800-545-3681...they can give you the information you seek
I'm in huntsville Alabama. Usa
Merry Meet Feyheart and congratulations on your upcoming handfasting. Check out:

the above link will provide you with a list of pagan clergy in Alabama along with a list of their individual services offered. Hope this helps.

From one Alabama girl to another :-D
Check with your local ministers. Most can now perform a legal hand fasting. A lot of non-denominational ministers will perform one for you.
I dont have a clue as to where you are, but I would go to witchvox and look under your state, they are all listed their. get number and make a few calls CONG!!! BB
Congrats to you and your fiance. Are you a member of Witchvox? This is a great resource for finding other witches and legal clergy in your local area. May you have a long and happy journey together.
I would like to point out that traditionally a Handfasting is only meant to last a year and thus you don't need anyone to make it legally official, until a year later when you decide to make your marriage permanent.

Unless of course you're just using the symbolism of tying your hands together in a permanent marriage ceremony, then you should take the advice of those who mentioned witchvox. Great site.
Thanks everyone. I tried witchvox a couple weeks ago but the people I emailed didn't respond. I will try it again. I like the symbolism yes. It just seems more right to use a handfasting than the normal marriage ceremony. Also I want a pagan clergy person because I don't want preaching... I'm sorry to say that I just don't want anything remotely Christian tainting our day. I'm trying to change my views on Christianity but being told constantly that I'm a devil worshipper and going to hell doesn't help. Anyway thanks for the advice ^^
lol, the old devil has nothing to do with love . I wish you well in your union and would hope that it lasts a very long time. In that case write your own vow's, its your day so do it your way. BB

You can certainly have the same elements as a hand-fasting but traditionally a hand-fasting is like a "live-in engagement" or "trial marriage" of one year and a day... after which you would have a marriage (which is for life)

All the traditions can be used in a pagan wedding though... My wedding was non-religious, because I am wiccan and my husband is agnostic. We had a friend officiate (you can easily get legal ministers' licenses online. )

for your wedding you can choose to have your wedding as pagan as you desire. If you are looking for ideas, I REALLY like the "Handfasting Ritual" from Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura pg 135.

The only different between a handfasting and a marriage, is that the partnership will not annul after one year and a day... instead you remain bonded for life... oh that and in the ceremony you say marriage rather than handfasting.

If you need any more help or ideas or info... just ask!

Congratulations on your engagement and Good Luck!
I don't know of anyone in Alabama, we are located in Beaufort, South Carolina. If you are considering a road trip for your marriage let me know. If not contact me at and I will send you a copy of the service that I use. You might be able to get a minister from a United Universalist Church to perform it with you if you can't find a Wiccan priest near you. In any case....Congratulations!

Sincere Blessings,
Rev. Bruce Richards HP
Thanks ^_^ I've a few that I can contact now locally and if that doesn't work I have ideas now. Thanks for the help n congratulations.


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