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Greetings Witch School Students, Members and Supporters.

We hope that your Spring/Fall has been a blessed, wonderful and bountiful time as you prepare to move into Summer or Winter. As you know, the home server for Witch School suffered a dramatic and catastrophic failure, wiping out our educational site for over a week. We are pleased to say that everything is back on track, and we are still keeping our promise to deliver you with a quality magickal, Pagan and Wiccan education.

This crisis demanded that we upgrade our decade old server technology in an immediate way in order to get everything back up and running. While this was a much needed update, it came at a difficult time - one in which Witch School wasn't prepared to handle at that specific time. As a result we are in dire need of the continued support of our members and staff.

In March we discontinued the sale of all Lifetime Memberships, so that we could move our enrollment system to a recurring membership basis, rather than the Lifetime enrollment. This was in large part due to the known need to update the server to provide an even better delivery system for our classes for you, the students, mentors and members.

But since the server crash demanded immediate attention, we are going to re-institute the Charter Lifetime Membership option for one week only . We really need the support of our amazing students to pull through this and the best thing you can do to help is purchase one of these Lifetime Memberships. Become a Supporting Member and enjoy the benefits of Witch School International as we head into this new and improved era. This special, limited time only sale will begin on May 28, 2013 and will be available at $100.00 for Basic Lifetime and $150.00 for Charter Lifetime. Don't miss out on your last chance to become a  Lifetime Member of Witch School.

Already have a Supporting Membership and still wish you could contribute? Follow the link to donate to Witch School to help us push through.

Don't forget to let us know if you find any broken links, pages with missing information or words in gibberish - with the server update and the transfer of the data, errors may have occurred that we can fix pretty easily. Send an email to with the URL of where the issue is and the exact text of the error message, and we'll get it fixed right up. Any other issues that you see, please send along also.

We thank you all so much for your support and patience as we have worked through this process. We look forward to moving forward and bringing Witch School to its maximum potential!

Sincerely -
The Witch School International Team

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Hello, how do the current changes to membership affect people like myself that already have a lifetime membership?
Additionally, what is the difference between Basic Lifetime and Charter Lifetime membership? Thank you in advance for your time and effort in this matter.

Blessed Be

This sale doesn't affect current Lifetime Members in any way.

When Witch School first opened in 2001, originally we had charter memberships for people who wanted to help support the school and have access to all of the classes. This was an investment that our members made to help us build up the school and grow with us. They were, for the most part, clergy students as well and went on to complete all three of the tradition degree courses and become mentors and clergy.

Later we also offered a basic lifetime membership for students who only wanted access to classes online for just the Witch School central class site.

We now have websites in several different countries as well as Tarot College, and charter members get access to all those websites. They also get special discounts and offers in our online store, have free access or discounted prices for future websites, online video classes, and local live events and seminars.

Charter membership is one that gives you access to more classes, websites, and events, as well as helps us to continue our mission to provide an online education to all students, even those who cannot afford to pay.

I hope that helps to answer your quesiton and if I can help in any other way, message me at Thank you!!

It should say you are lifetime-charter member. It should be marked.

My account still says "Lifetime Member - Complimentary," like before... Is that supposed to change, too? Just making sure everything is in order. :)

Mine also says; You are a Lifetime Member - Complimentary.
When I bought this it was for Lifetime- Charter. Is there a difference?

Were you ever a mentor? When you are, you get the complimentary lifetime - at least, when I was a mentor, that's what it was. I had a lifetime before mentoring, and once I was a mentor, I was a complimentary lifetime. It hasn't changed, even though I'm no longer mentoring.

Ah, that's probably what it is then. I paid a couple of years before mentoring first degree. I am taking time off from mentoring, until things slow down for me. I got confused when I saw the complimentary.



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