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We all Come from the Goddess Copyright Violation Potential

From Rev. Z Budapest, from Post:
USed under Fair Use

Dearest Friends!
I would like you to help me spread the words that Singing "We all come from the Goddess" should NOT BE rewritten. It is my intellectual property. it is NOt a folk song, which by the way is the fate of many composers whose songs are stolen. You steal my song from now will have consequences. You put men into the song, like God,a hex will be activated. I have found that people actually sell their wares with my song in the Title,like Serpentine for example. These people are NOT having my permission, especially when they don't even credit my name. Women are fooled that its from me, or fooled that its Serpentine. .Theft is theft. I cannot be everywhere, but i have experienced women making up new words,attaching it to my song that NEEDS NO attachments. Have you ever heard a man writing a song about the gods, and then put females in it?? Never. So stop you generosity attacks with my songs, write an original .Men who had Mozart and Schubert amongst them,surely will come up with their own songs .
Women like to give away and include but please do it with your own intellectual property.
I wrote that song for the Goddess worshipping women. Its gone around the globe. I don't mind you singing it, only selling it and not giving me credit.
Its a sacred song, and i will protect it! Speak up when you hear this song abused, and write to me. Blesssed be!

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lol, she can do no wrong in my eyes moonjoy, And if you wrote a song and people changed it and tried to resell it you would be outraged too.

What's so despicable? Anyhow?

It's a surprise to anyone, she has always had these views. Go mama!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

She has never claimed to be wiccan moonjoy, she is from the old generation that believed "If you can't hex, you cant heal"

I do not know how old you are, but this is my generation, women libbers, just a different time that's all.

I wouldnt mess with mother, there is documented proof her hexes work. She the real thing, baby!

And lets not forget the tarot card readings we do, if it wasnt for her getting arrested and fighting the charge we would not be able to read tarot cards for money or free out in public.

She is an elder and i find it despicable to disrespect her.

Glad i don't live in Quebeck.

She is not getting a free pass, i support what she says.

Why does it baffle you? Like she said many years ago "there are two kinds of people in this world, women and their children."

She is not bad to men, she is truthful, and people cant deal with that. She is a woman who supports women, not men. If our fellow sisters felt this way now adays, it would be a better place.

True sisterhood, without men interferring, something very few woman know anything about, which is unfortunate.

It isnt discrimination, it is just her.

moonjoy you are greatly missing the point, she did not start her covens on the sole purpose of woman getting treated like crap.

There is no need to continue, we will not agree on anything. And by the way no one lords over me and mine ever, same goes for my friends, maybe you are reading to much propaganda about the U.S.A

Since now we are being cute with insults, the conversation ends. Good day to you.

She is a hateful person. I have no respect for someone that does not acknowledge that men are human beings.

Of course, we'll never agree on anything, but that's because Z denies the fact that people like my and my sisters and brothers even exist.

As a person who holds a number of copyrights it is my understanding that one must enforce ones copyrights in order to properly maintain them. If you knowingly allow your work to be treated as if it were in the public domain, you seriously erode your rights. "We all come from the Goddess" has been treated as if it were public domain for decades. I cannot imagine that Z Budapest has not heard this song sung in both its original and altered versions at gatherings and festivals many times, since it is virtually ubiquitous. I do believe that she may only recently heard the "We all come from the God" versions. To be honest I do not think a copyright case over this song could be won in court, or many other similar songs whose authors have allowed them to be used as if they were in public domain. You cannot knowingly allow a copyrighted work to be used as if it were in the public domain for many years and then start claiming exclusivity -the exclusivity has already been knowingly surrendered by the earlier acts. However, like the "Happy Birthday" song that was ubiquitous for decades, even if the copyright is dubious the battle over it could be costly both financially and politically. "Happy Birthday" is no longer ubiquitous because it is owned by a large company more willing to fight over that eroded copyright than the much smaller entities likely to want to use it -proving it to be in the public domain would likely be a Pyrrhic victory. However the value of the "Happy Birthday" song has not in my opinion been increased by its enforced exclusivity -it is much less familiar than it once was and will eventually cease to have relevance for people. "We all come from the Goddess" has been very relevant to our community for a long time -that is WHY there are so many versions. That this should be an issue at all after so very much time is in my opinion extremely sad.

What is so sad about it, she is alive and kicking, and doesnt like her song being changed and men added to it.

I say more power to her. :)

Maybe she should have said something a bit sooner then. Like...a few decades.

I say less power to her, especially legally. If she were to try to do anything legally, she'd lose. She'd probably be laughed out of court by the judge.

What she doesn't like is that the Pagan community has evolved without her say-so.

OOOkay, SO, opinions have been stated, everyone has one and so mote it be. I'm going to stay impartial regardless of what my true view may be. I can completely understand both sides being both a musician, and a male, and a Wiccan, I see them both, and can understand where they both come from and why. Now, regardless of how long the song has been out, she feels raken advantage of. Period. Telling her she's wrong will most likely kindle a fire unneeded in our community SO, instead of telling each other what's what which will go on forEVER if allowed, let's just not start an argument that wasn't there to begin with (regardless of how much it may provoke you) and simply not make anymore variations of the song, and not sell it. We can end this issue as fast as it started by just saying ok, sucks you feel that way and I'll respect your feelings even if I don't agree with them because i don't want to introduce a conflict which does not have to happen. Result: peace on Earth! In short: just humour the woman for Goddess' (AND God's) sake!
I'm not "yelling" I'm speaking, I'm not offending (if I did, know I'm playing the devil's advocate here) I just want everyone to be happy and not have any negative energy in their life that is not needed!
Thank you for reading!

Blessed Be and Pax in Te!


I have a lot of respect for Z. Budapest and for all of her accomplishments. That being said, it just seems to me that her most recent public activities have been unnecessarily confrontational; take the most recent PantheaCon controversy, for instance. She has a right to her opinions, bless her heart, but it just feels to me like she is still stuck in the 70's. As for the song, I understand her sentiments totally, but I feel that the horse got out of the barn a long time ago.

you guys, she is old, this is like stepping on a baby bird. She is not defending herself properly, as with age maybe some complications are going on, i have read her blog post all along and the past couple of years, well enough said.

Your right her mind is back in the 70's.

Have some compassion and respect, she did accomplish great things.

Would it kill everyone to humor her or would it kill your ego not to be correct here. Rise above the need to be politically correct. You'll be a better person for it.


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