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Hi Members,

We pray that this letter finds you in good health, and may this new year of 2013 be filled with joy.

Today, I am so proud to announce that as of January 14th, 2013 Witch School will be under new management. On Monday, Michael Ferrell will officially begin as the Chief Executive Officer of WSI, Inc. Michael Ferrell has been the primary technician for Witch School since 2005, and he ensured that Witch School and all related sites were active and operational on a 24/7/365 basis. No one understands the underlying architecture better than Michael Ferrell, and he has a desire to see that as many people as possible have access to all the websites. This range of sites and services includes Witch School, P2P Microversity Platform, Tarot College, and the Social Tarot Reading system. Being a young CEO, 27 years of age, he has a deep understanding of how the Internet works, as well as working with global members. He will also be able to implement the move into other forms of interface such as tablet and mobile. WSI, Inc. is facing a wonderful future; Michael is the individual who will lead that effort.

Joining Mr. Ferrell is Lindsay Irvin, as Director of Operations, WSI, Inc. In that position, Lindsay will carry out the day to day operations across all platforms. She will be the primary administrative officer, providing structure to our large staff of volunteers, mentors, writers, and teachers. Her educational background and experience give her insights into how to provide better information and education to a global community. She will help guide the next generation of Pagans and Witches involved in the WSI community to really shine and to become leaders themselves.

As part of the restructuring, David Moore has also been brought in to be President of Tarot College, an important site of WSI, Inc. His duties will be to rejuvenate and rework the site, making it an excellent complement to the global network. Mr. Moore is an experienced businessman as well as an active young leader of the Pagan community, primarily focused in the New Orleans area. With his help, Tarot College will become a global parallel to Witch School. I fully expect great things with this new team in charge of management.

At this time, I want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all Witch School members for the opportunity to have served as co-founder and first CEO. I will remain, along with MaryAnn Kay, to act as a support consultant, to ease the changeover to new leadership. This is a new day, with a chance to create more positive and even stronger Witch School International.

If you want to help, are interested in suggesting new systems, or in any way want to volunteer, please contact Lindsay at .

Witch School is grateful to all of our supporters who, over the years, have helped us to provide education and social interaction with so many people, in so many places all over the world. We will continue to develop new ideas and resources to assure the continuity of our efforts, by giving the next generation of Pagans, Wiccan and Magickal folks the opportunity to expand on a global basis. Please consider supporting Witch School by buying a membership to the school. I anticipate that Witch School will change in the coming months and years, but Lifetime memberships will always be honored.
Here is where you can find out more:

More news and statement s from the leadership will be coming shortly. Watch for news all this week, and you can also listen to for updates.

Thank You and Blessings
Ed Hubbard
Retired CEO of WSI, Inc.

P.S. If you want to follow my future adventures, please join me on Twitter @EdwardHubbard, or see my newest project here:

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♣ Does this also mean that Rev. Don Lewis is stepping down from being Chancellor of Witch School and/or the Correllian Tradition? What will his continuing role be? ♣

Yes...Rev. Don Lewis is no longer Chancellor of Witch School. This is a seperate issue from Correllian Tradition, where he is Chancellor and First Priest. Rev. Don will continue to provide content but sine his health crisis last March, he has not been involved in the decision making project. We dissolved the position.

This means that Michael, Lindsay, and Anna are the principal voices in Witch School as we focus on a expanded site.

I don't believe Don has any plans on stepping down from his current position as Chancellor. I am sure he will weigh in on this discussion at some point. Its late so it will most Likely not be tonight.

so i heard witch school is not going to have lifetime membership anymore but if u r one u will stay a lifetime member. so it this true or not

That is exactly true. Lifetime members are a sacred trust in building the site, and lifetime means lifetime. As we move forward we are looking at a tremendous amount of free materials as we are now, and a more ala carte and programed based subscriptions and tuition. This is so we can bring more classes.

This was my question too with being a life member. It is with great joy and thanks that we are valuable to this school of learning. I am still learning lots and the practical side of the lessons are awakening new paths for me.
It with sadness Don has had to step down but needs must. I also welcome the new team of Michael Lindsay & David. I am looking forward to what transpires.
Thank You

I know they cant take away the life time membership that people have already now but i heard they r stopping the lifetime membership for others to get. By the end of the month.So no new lifetime members can be.

The date has not been absolutely set, but yes, after 11 and a half years, we feel that was long enough. We will always honor lifetime memberships. But in the future, we are looking at different ways to be able to create better classes. We are looking at subscriptions and ala carte payments. Once we have that done we will answer this. It is likely to be Feb. 28th to be the cutoff, so that we widely announce it.

♣ Congratulations to the New Witch School Crew! ♣ Rev. Don Lewis brought Witch School into being from it's beginnings, along with Ed Hubbard. Now a New Crew is sailing this Magickal Ship into it's future. ♣ Rev. Don Lewis now has the tremendous burden of endless responsibilities, and having to deal with the silliness that sometimes happens here... lifted from his shoulders, so that his physical healing may flourish forth. He can now concentrate on being the First Priest and Chancellor of the official Correllian Tradition itself.... and let other talented and capable persons be in charge of this very eclectic social site. ♣

Life is made of change. This is the end of a cycle and the beggining of a new one.
Congratulations to the new team and good luck.


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