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As we do from time to time, we are are looking for your input at what to do in 2014? Anything you would like or see as important.

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i would like for more resources avalable where i live, i would love to study, or study with you, this is so amazing!!!!!

Vanessa goodrich, I agree !
I like to see about one WitchSchool to build, somewhat like Harry Potter's school, but smaller, to get realistic! First build, should be at Lincolnwood in Illinois. Just saying!
And like to see about the WitchSchool to have consolation services, chaplain services, and general services.
I like to see about the WitchSchool to open the pagan/wiccan clothing store. It will be a hit. Unless for right prices. And some useful products.

Regrettably, it is almost impossible, and way to difficult so far to open physical campuses. They are too expensive, and not enough people anywhere to make it worthwhile.

As for consolation services that has been discussed, and that is something we would like.

As for clothing or any products, we would be supportive of small businesses who want to do that. For us, it is outside our core competency to make clothes and products. we are educators, first and foremost. we have means to allow small businesses to promote themselves, so that is something we would prefer.

Not true while shopping at Yule I found over 300 people here in my city that are all witches, wicca or neo-paganism spirituality and there was a large celebration downtown Kelowna BC Canada I think there are a lot of spiritual people ... true a physical campus means that if it is not in my city I cant get the classes, so I really appreciate having school and classes online so I can go to class and learn everyday or as often as I can.

We actually just found a small business that will start making us clothing items shortly. They read your comment and offered. Working with them now to get some product ideas.

What type of clothing would you like to see?

I would love to see cloak & ritual wear options. I have tried to make some myself & lack the time & craftiness for these items.

I don't have any grand ideas and I'm new here so this might already be available, but I'd like to see a monthly email newsletter that shares interesting links, information, little spells, celebration ideas...things like that. I've found that without seeing something in my inbox I have a tendency to forget to visit the site and work on my classes. I might have the attention span of a gnat, so it could just be me. ;)

I love the idea of the monthly newsletter Dark Lily. As for my contribution, I'm all for more classes and more things to learn. Thank you for asking for feedback.

There is a news letter the group is here

I would like to see a course on smudging

Personally, I'd like to see a BIG expansion on the courses. More content course wise, more selections. We have a BROAD range of courses available, but there are so many more that can be covered.

Book reviews! Get the up and coming books reviewed properly, so we know not just what is good material and a go to for many people, but others we may not have considered.

Also, i'd really like the Library of PDF's etc to be looked at. It's nice having the kinda runic alphabet style symbols to click, but how about just an option of all books on all pages listed in an index, like we can do with our class search for example?

Master classes! Provided on site, run by very experienced people in a subject. Reiki for example, get a master class going, link it up using skype or google hangouts for example, and just rock soe good old fashioned learning while practicing.

Hmm, i'd probably have more, i'll think on it.

Rev. Alan.


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