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The first in what we hope is a long series of gemstone verses from Terry Milton, The Stone Lady, now at The World of Witches Museum in Salem, Mass.  I hope you enjoy it.  Click on the PDF link below.



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OH I love this. what a beautiful way to learn about those fascinating crystals. thank you for this.
Love & Light
Stunning also means that I must be an agate person and if so then I am so blessed to have a verse like that to describe me.
Can't wait for the future stones. Thanks so much.
Very cool! I'm a crystal/gemstone freak LOL I hope we see more of these gemstone verses too... what a great way to learn more about the attributes of stones! Thank you!
Looks like a Moss Agate to me, their appearance is varied.

A Moss Agate is not technically a true Agate as it is not banded; it is a chalcedony with dendrite inclusions of moss colored green minerals that create a spotted or mottled pattern. They can be transculcent or solid in appearance. Moss Agates emanates vibrations of balance and stability; they assist those who feel ungrounded or unstable and enhance mental concentration, endurance & persistance, and bringing one's goals to completion. They are great for someone reovering from an illness or addiction, or for someone who works out or is into bodybuilding, and can be used in abundance work as it promotes the sense of all things being provided for within creation. Because of the grounding and balancing influences it encourages spiritualization of one's life in all aspects; it also helps in bringing peace to your emotional body, assisting in mood swings etc and it also has a stabalizing influence on your body's systems. (from The Book od Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahasian)
Actually I think the one she is looking at is what I call Tree Agate. What I think of as Moss Agate is the circular one below that. Agate is a variety of chalcedony. Chalcedony occurs in a wide range of varieties. Many semi-precious gemstones are in fact forms of chalcedony.
I think you are right MaryAnn; I just looked up Tree Agate and it does look like that! Thank you :)

Here's a good link for the properties and lore:
This one is Tree Agate...

Tree Agate
Tree (Dendritic) Agate is said to assist with introspection and self-discovery. It can give a wider viewpoint of the world. Tree agate relives tension, fever, and skin eruptions. It also brings plentiful crops.
Many blessings ~M~x
If you would like to read about Scottish Agates follow this link.....CLICK HERE TO READ IT
And more about Agates in general CLICK HERE

The one you refer to is unpolished Moss Agate...

This one is polished which is why it looks slightly different!

Holding this gentle and nurturing stone makes one think of sunlight dappling through the leaves and the scents of loam and fresh moss. It is especially beneficial as a gardener's talisman. It balances the emotions, heals the heart and brings a positive outlook. Moss agate can also be used to enhance plant growth and to grow prosperity, manifesting wealth and abundance into your life.

Very lovely


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