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Below is a link to pictures you might want to use for BOS pages. This is original artwork done by Rev. Don, edited and sometimes colored by MaryAnn. I hope to add more as times goes on, and I hope other people will add their own pics. Thanks and enjoy!

Click Here for Thumbnails

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Thank you so much they are all lovely. I have saved some for use on my own Book of Shadows. Thank you again.
Thanks for these; they are all very nice. I did save some. Have a great night!

Very nice work. I love them.
Thank you so much, I have saved some for my BOS and put the handfasting pic in my wedding/ handfasting album.
Very very cool of you to share this!
Rev Don's pics are great! I downloaded many of them to use with my parchment type copy paper. I save that paper for my spells, rituals, BOS stuff only!
Thanks so much for giving them to us. I'm so terrible at drawing, myself.
To whom ever reply, I never ask the ? of what is th Book of Shadows? I should of ask sooner. I thought I could figure it out on my own.Thanks Viv
I am computer illeterate. How do I load these? I saved them one by one in my BOS file under My Documents and they saved as 80x80 pixels! I can't seem to enlarge them without it going into a fuzz! HELP!!!
You have to click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge it, it will open in a separate window, and then right click the larger image and save to your computer.
Goddess Bless You!!!!



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