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Hello All, My cousin, Rebecca, is having a baby boy. I thought that I could craft a scrapbook of wiccan beliefs that are special to me and that were easier for him to understand. I want to use lots of stickers and other visuals to illistrate my beliefs to him. I need some advice or ideas on the content...
Any and all advice is welcome!
He will be born on February 2, 2012. Me and Rebecca are close like sisters as her mother died when she was five, and she was the only child. I'm so excited for her and would like to do this as a gift for her and as a way to explain my path to her son...

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That is a great and cute idea! I would suggest a poem to explain the importance and beliefs on the moon and then one for the sun and it would let u use lots of moon n star n sun stickers as well as color... just keep it simple and cute. Maybe do some pages on the animals you and she feel are most important that he know about as well as finding a cute way to include the wiccan rede maybe turn it into a nursery rhyme... You can also include the color wheel and say like do a rhyme for the colors and include pictures that tie into it like red and fire and earth n green blue n water ect... if you do a blessing for the baby put that in the book too :) ...another idea is to make a baby quilt if your crafty with special symbols on it for protection and guidance. Keep us up to date and let me know if you need any help!
These are all great suggestions... my cousin's name is Rebecca and she's the one who is pregnant not me.
OH gotcha

First of all, make sure your cousin approves of the content of the gift. Nothing sucks more than putting your heart and soul into something, and the recipient gawking and not accepting it.

If you already have her blessing to start making it, I say that it is such a cute and thoughtful idea! Provide poems, laws, stories, simple rituals that the child may, in due time, be apart of or the main participant in - wiccaning, naming, dedication, initiation, and so on. Provide simple tables for correspondences and whatnot. And stickers, photos, pictures from the web, handdrawn - anything colorful and engaging. I have two young children and I am making a family BOS for them to enjoy and hopefully one of them will take part on this Path and I will hand it down to them.

Once again, this is such a thoughtful gift and if a child is raised openly and lovingly, this would be a perfect learning tool for the child to choose their own path :D

My cousin approves and knows that I follow the wiccan/pagan path. She is looking forward to me making one for her.

well iam glad for u and her and the baby the would be a great idea to craft a book for a gift to the baby sence u and her are best friends

Thank you

May I suggest looking up a wiccaning for the child and write it in there its like there initiation like a version of a christaning. Also here is a poem used at my childrens wiccaning thought you can use it
start the book with this

Spirits of the ancestors, we call to you to take notice
a child has been born to continue your line!
Once again, a link if forged in the ancient chain
and we are all connected that much tighter.
Bless this child then; she carries your memory forward to the future!
We bring before you today on of yours, people of our past,
one who will continue what you have started long ago.
She is one of you, one of the family that reaches so far back,
and she will need to be guided until she/he is ready
to assume her reponsibilities
Be with her/him and and as she grows be by her side to help.
come today and learn who he/she is, come and celebrate with us!
May the goddess and god walk beside this child throughout her life
guiding her steps into the way proper to her
guiding her way along the sacred path

Thank you, I will take that in consideration! :)


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