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HI everyone,
I have purchased a BOS that I thought would be perfect for me but I really have no clue where to begin with this. I'm thinking of starting with an inventory of what I have and what I need. I'm not much of an artist so personal drawings are out, but I have a lot of artists pictures (I.E> Jessica Galbreth art) that I am in love with along with others. Any other suggestions of what I should put in mine? I know I don't have enough inventory to celebrate esbats and such, so I am stuck. I was thinking of writing my dreams and such in there. Any help would be appreciated.
Blessed be~

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Greetings Dark Raven;

You can look up the Book of Shadows in the Library and get some Ideas of a format. But it is up to you. Poems, Spells, prayer you use in your daily, weekly, or monthly rituals.

Blessed Be

Hello Dark Raven very nice to read your post I was wondering the same thing! Im also a beginner thank you aand blessed be


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