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Merrily met everyone!

First and foremost so glad I found this group! This might be rather long but it's only because i feel like specifics are just as important as the obvious. I am making my first Book of Shadows ever, I have had a few mock ones but they never really were practical to me. Could have been because they were disorganized, cluttered, and a lot of chicken scratch in them just because I always have last minute thoughts about things.

I will be going out on Friday to purchase a few materials but would like some more pointers, perhaps things you wish you would have been told when you made your first one? Heheh. I will be buying on Friday: A black three ringed binder, a new set of pens, some dividers, some paper [white and colored], and some page protectors.

I'm not sure how much of what I will be needing but I am big on practicality and organization, otherwise i feel insecure about my work. I suppose my questions are these:

1. What kind of pen do you use for yours?
2. Should I get a thick binder, or maybe get 2 or 3 thin ones?
3. Should I buy white out?
4. What ways could I "do it wrong" so to speak?
5. ANY other tips on the subject are more than appreciated!

I also enrolled in the Your Book of Shadows course, which is where I got some pointers as well.
I'd really appreciate and try any tips and I hope I wasn't too needy!

Thank you and brightest blessings group!

P.S. i know i can keep B.O.S. on my pc but i'd rather have one less obnoxious during ritual and i don't have a printer.

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I will answer your questions, and then I woud like to offer my opinion to you.
I suppose my questions are these:

1. What kind of pen do you use for yours?
A pen that writes smoth, but also dried quickly

2. Should I get a thick binder, or maybe get 2 or 3 thin ones?
I bought binders for my print outs. 1 inch binders devoted to each subject.

3. Should I buy white out?
Your choice!!

4. What ways could I "do it wrong" so to speak?
This is your BOS, you can not "Do it wrong"!!

5. ANY other tips on the subject are more than appreciated!
I'd really appreciate and try any tips and I hope I wasn't too needy

I keep several forms of BOS. The binders that I spoke of for materials gathered on the net. Hardcover journals for my personal stuff. Then there is my one particular yahoo account. It's folders are diverse and all my witchcraft info, newsletters and such go there. How you choose to BOS is completely a persoanl choice, there are no right or wrong answers. I think the best advice I gave you here is to, when writing, use a pen that dries quickly, so your pages do not have smudges on them!!

Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely look for a pen like you said hehe and its relieving to know you can't do it wrong. I just don't want to be running around all over the place cuz i forgot something! BB

i pretty much agree with amethyst on your 5 points
i teach classes in witchcraft and have probly to much info
to post here if you would like i will send it to you
i have tried many different types and have found that
for organisational reasons that a large 3 ring binder ( or2 or 3)
work best for me
it makes it easier to add pages when you find or think of things
to add

Yes please! You can send it to my email if you want or here in a message heeh.
Thank you for responding, BB!

1) Whatever pen you like. Some people like to dedicate a pen to use only in their BOS...but I have a tendency of losing pens, so i use whatever's handy. You don't need fancy fountain pens to write in your can use any sort of pen you're comfortable with, from a Bic ballpoint even just a pencil. It's based on your preferences.

2) Starting out...if you want to use a binder, I'd get just a small 1 inch you probably won't have much to put in it yet. Later on you can expand your book by getting a bigger one. I like binders because you can rearrange your pages or take out pages you've messed up

3) This might be a good investment, because if you're handwriting everything out, it'd be a waste of paper to throw the whole sheet out and start over if you've made a mistake (not to mention a waste of precious time). I would buy the whiteout tape though, as you don't have to wait for it to dry.

4) You can't do anything wrong. This is your book. Anything "wrong" would be by your own standards alone, not anyone elses. There is no generalized rule on making a book of shadows. It's YOUR book.

5) You can look at my blog to get some more tips and ideas on making a book of shadows:
Hope it helps.

Oh cool! I was really skepitcal about using a pencil but i might for drafts and the like! It's hard to see pencil in candle light sometimes hehe and i'll probably end up buying just a big binder and small one too just in case i have info that doesn't really fit in my B.O.S. but it's still info I'd like to refer to!
Thanks for responding, BB!

Thanks for responses everyone, I hopefully will have something of a B.O.S. put together over the weekend and I'll post a pic or something, see what everyone thinks! I'm so excited!

Do not apologize for your questions! No question in stupid! I wish I had had more guidance on my path, period, before this point in life. Because my life had always been a struggle, my Path and my beliefs reflected that. I was always afraid of having a BOS because my father ended up burning my mothers when he found it. I was terrified that my thoughts and beliefs would be destroyed. But now that I have my own kids, and a safe environment for my beliefs to grow and be tended to adequately, I have begun my BOS.

Your BOS should reflect your personality - that is something I love about them, each one is different. Even if the material within is similar to other BOS', each person brings their own creativity and love to the project. I currently have 3 BOS' - a 3 ring binder, very flexible cover, holds all of my notes, random essays on different subjects, print outs of charts, exercises, meditation; a composition notebook which holds similar things to the binder, but no print outs and is a little easier to take with me; and finally, a scrapbook of Shadows! :D

1. What kind of pen do you use for yours?
When I use my handwriting, I use a inc R-2 rollerball .7mm (bought at the Dollar Tree)

2. Should I get a thick binder, or maybe get 2 or 3 thin ones?
Get whatever you want! I know that many people choose the 3 ring binder - the thickness all depends on your level of organization. I am obsessive about organization, but this process of making a BOS reminds me that there cannot be order without a little chaos :D I would say both types have specific qualities - a thick binder will hold all of your findings, in one place, and does not risk one section being lost in a mountain of clutter, however having the multiple thinner ones means a greater deal of organization. Once again, it all depends on your desires. :D

3. Should I buy white out?
That is completely up to you :D I dont mind scratching out mistakes in my binder or composition book BOS, because they are working books, things get changed and mistakes happen. I personally think that White Out makes a page look more messy than just a simple line through a mistake. :D

4. What ways could I "do it wrong" so to speak?
There is no way to do it wrong. A BOS is whatever you want it to be. The only common mistake I see people make sometimes, is that they get things off of the internet and do not cite their sources, so when they need more information they cannot find the website they originally found it on. I suggest you keep a bibliography in the back of your BOS, whatever you choose to make it out of, so that you always know where you get your information from.

5. ANY other tips on the subject are more than appreciated!
Have tons of fun! Make this a fun project, not a chore. Make art for your BOS, paint and draw and scribble and have fun! Use colors, found objects - anything that resonates with you. I have always felt that, though lovely, the traditional looking Grimoires are so bland - handwritten on parchment with no feeling of love and creativity to it, no matter how much time people put into it. That is my personal opinion. A BOS should not be stiff and formal, it should be exciting and engaging and full of your personal spirit.

My main BOS is a black 12x12 snap-bound scrapbook - it holds 300 pages. I use the scrapbook paper sleeves, and anything one could use for scrapbooking I use in my book. Heck, I even print out free scrapbook embellishments I find online! It is so easy to rearrange and keep your pages looking nice and new! :D

hi marrily how are u ? iam new here so i need help on understanding the group and the book of shadows i have sign up with a class and iam like u when u wont to get things done in the right way so plz i would like to here from u soon thanks

There is no wrong way to make a BOS first off. Like for me I went online and found a sketch book style one with a gold pentacle inlaid in the cover. I am an artist so mine has drawing and colors and scrapbook style and pieces of flowers fabrics from rituals that I have written and used. dripped candle wax from rituals on the page of the ritual. It is all what feels right to you. I know somebody else who makes all her pages online puts them in page protectors and sticks them in a binder but she is an organizer! So it just depends on you really

this is what I meant by how I do mine I'm only sharing a few pages though


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