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Hi, I'm Carolyn and I'm new to the group. I've been a member of Witch School for about 12 years but I lost my way. I'm finding my way back and part of my journey is to start my first book of shadows! I'm very excited and looking forward to it. I've decided to hand bind my book and will probably use canvas for the cover. I've not yet decided on the paper I'll use. I want it to be heavy enough that I can throw paint on it but I also want it to be flexible, I'm thinking mixed media paper but I'd love to hear suggestions. I'll post pictures of my progress.

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I would love to see pictures as you progress with your book of shadows. I always wanted to make a beautiful cover for one of my books. But I've never been able to find something that wasn't too heavy for me. Just recently I started thinking that I might get a scrapbook one of the 12 by 12 ones, that has a vinyl cover. If you take them apart and live in flat you can see book cover front and back facing up. I was thinking of doing some designs on the front of it with hot glue and after it dried use latex paint and spray painted a beautiful color but I'm just not sure if that would work. More so if it would hold up with constant use. I guess I'll just have to try it out to see if it works.

I think mixed media paper would work. And it would also help in staying on the more frugal side.
Welcome back Carolyn! It will be nice to see pictures of you book of shadows.

Have fun!
Blessed Be!!


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