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Has anyone ever purchased from them? They have some very interesting work on their website.

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nope sorry i have not!.

I've been to their site. They have beautiful books, but they are far too expensive for my budget. I do plan to buy a nice cover someday, not from them, but I make all of my own pages on the computer and print them. If I could afford one of their covers or blank books, I'd consider buying from them though.

I have to agree with Amanda...far too expensive, especially for a book in which, if you make a mistake (should you choose a hard bound book), you could be SOL. I make my own covers anyways.

Well, I think you have the option of getting post bound covers. You can also get them prefilled with complete pages and spells or just blank pages. I like to make my own pages and usually do try and write most of my own spells. I wish I was talented enough to make my own covers though.

Would you guys be interested in a short class on different book binding styles? Trying to decide if there is interest.

yes i would

I've tried making a post bound cover, but failed So I might be interested in a class.

Post bound are nice. Let you expand or update with out the hassle of sewing a new book.

What went wrong with yours? I followed a set of videos someone made that showed each step of making the book, but I think I measured wrong and on top of that, I had trouble getting the fabric on it to sit and look right. Even with the videos I had trouble getting the part of the spine for the screws right. It was a disaster. Now I have a young baby at home so I haven't had a chance to try again, so I've been using a binder in the meantime.


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