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I would like to get some help on this. How do you get or create your own book of shadows? Also would like it if you could help me add spells and recipes to it and such.

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There is a book of shadows course in the Witch school. I took it, very informative! I recommend it!
Also I thought there is a bookbuilding course there also, did not take that yet.

There is? where?

Are you not a student at Scroll to the bottom and you will find the course description.
Check out pinterest for wonderful ideas on books of shadows, spells, herbs, crystals and all sorts of lovely witchy stuff!

Ah thank you.

I have started a binder BOS with scrapbook like pages in plastic page protectors. You can use information from reliable witch sites. There are plenty around on the internet.
I als bought some wonderful journals but I am kind of apprehensive about starting in them. For starters I am looking for book blessings to write on the first pages. I am thinking of using several journals for different subjects.
That sounds pretty good. Hmm I wanna put a healing one in my first page but kind of nervous.
Lol I see. So a leather journal with papyrus is good? Or is it parchment? Hmm
I am trying to always go for vegan options so no leather for me. There are so many beautiful journals around not leather.
I have paperblanks books

I made my BOS out of a 3 ring, 3 inch binder. I have dividers for each 'topic'... Spells, Wicca, Rituals, Covens/Groups, etc.

It is pretty simple to do. All you need to do is get a notebook, and write down every spell you do, as well as the result. Also record dreams, visions, experiences with divination, any rituals you do, etc. The key here is to be extremely detailed; So detailed that someone with zero Craft experience could replicate exactly what you did by reading the BOS passage.

Also write down your feelings, thoughts, sensations, and any energy differences you experienced. Just keep doing that every time, and thats all there is to it! :) You can also copy correspondance charts, useful information, symbols, and other things you learn that can help you as you travel further on your Path.

I hope this helps! :)


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