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I've designed a BOS that I'm making completely. My handwriting may start off okay, but gets weird by the end of the page. I have two books of borrowed material that I've hand-copied in. I even drew some borders and designs to make it better than just words of different "fonts" that I've written in. But it does take time and a steady hand.

I've been collecting all kinds of material for a good while (and still am, since the project will never be completed) and will hopefully start on the physical thing soon enough. I drew out the plans in my sketch book, and I'm just waiting for a free day to get my materials and start.

Instead of a binder, like I know a lot of people use, I'm making my own method for a book that can have pages added. It's going to take a lot of patience to put screws and piping together, but I'm confident it will work. If I can ever get it completed, I will share some pictures! I work every night, and am pretty tired during the day.

I will obviously be printing out all of my spells, correspondences, and everything that's going into it. But instead of plain white paper, I have used walnut dye that I made to give the papers an antique look. I still have a long way to go on that project as well, because I need to do it during the day when I can make sure the weather is good enough for them to safely hang out to dry. It's a long process. I have about 60 sheets dyed, and I need at least 500.

How do you like to do your books?

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I 1st made one on my computer and it crashed and I lost all the info. Then a binder version of a BOS that I covered and embellished myself which I never connected with. I then made a pocket folder version covered with faux suede with stained papers , printed cut out info with embellishments etc... Rather lovely but I prefer to buy a recycled paper book bound in faux leather that I would probably embellish to my liking. Also pages that are removable would be best for me because I erm make many mistakes and I have an ocd issue LOL I am no help because I honestly have not found my preferred BOS yet. :/

That's why I'm making mine in a way that it looks permanently bound, but I can easily undo it and swap/add things as needed. I'm afraid to make anything too permanent, especially with all the work I'll be putting into it.

I have a lot of things on my computer as well. I started to back them up, and then changed things around and now I have no idea what's new and what's not.
I have a million books (well...not literally lol) in different formats.

-I have information stored on my 1T portable hard drive (theres other non-related stuff on there too)
-I have stuff stored on my iPad
-I have a bunch of smaller notebooks i bought, half filled with hand written info
-i have a couple of hand bound hardcover books, again, half filled
-And I have an extremely huge hand made, screw post book that contains everything i collected in the first 8-ish years id been practicing.

Needless to say, i have yet to find a format i really connect with. I want a book that isn't hardbound, and doesn't have lines that are too spaced out. And planning out page designs is almost impossible for me. I want it to look nice but drawing isn't my strong suit. Im "hard to shop for" lol.

lol That's why I'm trying to make this one. I'm finding that I have a lot of books starting to gather, as well as a ton of stuff on my computer. I try to keep it straight, even made a "spell directory" sheet with locations of everything I have. It got too complicated. I'm really hoping that once I make this book, it will save my sanity. :-P

my current BOS (and only) is a three ring binder that I got for my 30th birthday from that has gold print on it (it looks like it's embossed on the website, but really isn't) this one I am planning on sharing with my son, should he decide to walk this path, and my fiance, so I guess you could say it's a family book of shadows. I hope to eventually have one that's just for myself, and have my eye on a very nice (and very expensive) one from lapulia books (they have some very beautiful handmade books)

That's so cute! My husband doesn't do much spell work, and when he does, he comes to me. So anything I have is for everyone. I have a "starter" book that I've been gathering for when our child/ren (we don't have any yet due to some complications) with some friendlier spells. Meditations, stone work, chants. Things that won't invite them to use a flame unsupervised. lol If they are interested, I plan on giving it to them around the age of 5-7. Just something so they can have their own and learn a little without too much risk.

I have made one on my computer, and have it saved on a jump-drive that I keep on my altar. It works for me, and it's rather handy.



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