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Merry Meet everyone,

I am just starting out studying magic,witchcraft/wicca.. I was told to start off with a spell journal before starting a BOS..they explained that it is wise to practice spells before adding them to the BOS.. makes sense to me but my problem is.. Where to start? Can anyone suggest a good starter spell? is there such thing as levitation spells? I understand most like doing protection spells and I agree with those spells..but I guess I am looking for a spell that I could tell (more or less right away) worked.. I would be very grateful for any help!!

Thank you! Blessings!

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It would be wonderful if you could tell a spell is "working" immediately, but you can't in most cases. In fact you many never know. But in the meantime you are getting experience creating and using spells. I went for years before I really saw the results of one of my healing spells. All along I was learning and working, you might say exercising my "magic muscle" .
Not only that, but you need to know all the simple stuff, like protection spells to protect yourself. If you try to jump in with something like flying spell and don't get a positive result, you might get so disappointed that you'll stop before you even get started.
If you want to learn, I suggest you check out the classes offered here and some beginning books. I really can't stress enough that you need to learn what magic and witchcraft is/isn't and what can realistically be accomplished magically. Levitation is not one of those things. Spells, in my experience, work in their own time and are not instant. I have found the most powerful and successful spells are those I create myself, rather than canned ones, although reading another's spells can give you a starting point for your own.
I have never heard of a "spell journal" although I presume it is a book to keep spells in. I keep the spells I have written in my book of shadows, as a record of what I have done, and can see what has worked and what hasn't. I seldom repeat the same spell, preferring to tailor each magical working to the specific situation. Magic is serious, not to be taken lightly and to be used when there is a need, not just for fun, or to see if you can. You should really do some serious study before attempting it.

Just my two cents.
Thank you both for replying.. I will for sure look into the classes offered on here and study lots before trying anything.

Blessings! :)

Well, the best ones to start with are protection spells. However, if you understand the nature of protection spells and understand how to perform them, go onto something like a prosperity spell, or a simple health spell - if doing for someone else, please get their permission :D That is just my opinion. Stay away from LOVE SPELLS. Like others have said, it is difficult to tell if a spell is working immediately. Magic does not cater to the "instant gratification" ways that modern people are all about. Have correspondences aligned properly, everything set up right, and a result should so itself when the time is right. Some spells can take a few minutes, others can take DAYS - and always remember that you may need to perform the spell multiple times before a final result can be achieved. :D Hope this helps!


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