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I am Rev. Vivian Dewey RMT and I am a mentor for the Correllian First, Second and Third Degrees. (I am not accepting students right now, please e-mail Lady Windy at and ask her to assign a mentor for you.) Welcome to Witch School and to all of the many opportunities for learning and growth that are available here. I mentor adult students who are studying the Correllian First Degree, Second Degree or Third Degree courses. The Degree courses are steps on the path to High Priesthood of the Correllian Tradition, a journey of learning and growth.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, a student of the Correllian World Walker’s, a Correllian Shaman Practitioner and Guide, a student of the Correllian Tarot Path and Correllian Sea Priestess Path. I am retired and I live with my Significant Other and our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I enjoy designing and making jewelry.

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I am looking for a mentor for my second degree studies. Are you still accepting students to mentor?
Thank you

No, I"m sorry but I'm not accepting students right now. E-mail Lady Windy at and ask her to assign a mentor to you.

Thank you for your help. I will do that.


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