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Online Ritual Protocol

We keep the length of online ritual reasonable as there is nothing worse than a ritual that seems to drag on and people are then clock watching for the end or leave before it finishes.

The average acceptable length of a ritual is 40 to 45 minutes but of course this can be shorter if circumstances warrant it.

If you are intending to come to online ritual, try to arrive on time or at least five minutes before start of ritual, if you are late for any reason, please come in quietly so you do not disrupt ritual. You will be acknowledged at the end when there is usually time for chat.

Ritual Organisers 
The Temple of Sedna Ritual Organisers group was set up to provide online rituals for anyone to attend. You can attend any of our online rituals that the Sedna Temple organiser provide and you would be welcome at any one of them.

The most important ritual is the Lustration of the Living online ritual held in the second half of the year. However, there are many other online rituals to choose from, we have regular Temple of Healing Rituals for the Healing Temple on Fridays. The Temple of Sedna Ritual Organisers also provide the online rituals for The Memorial Temple, Temple of Isis – Correllian Iseum, Gaia Temple, Moon Temple, Temple of the Eight Festivals and the reiki healing ritual for the Order of Reiki.

All our rituals start at 9pm BST/GMT (UK). To find your equivalent time zone go here: .  

Our monthly online Sabbat and Esbat rituals and the times are usually 9pm BST/GMT and dates are announced online in our various groups as they do not always fall on the same date each month.

Leaders and Quarter Callers
As you know a First Degree member of Clergy should be able to take any role in ritual, however leading a ritual is reserved for the Second Degree Clergy. We encourage all our First Degrees attending online ritual to try and participate by calling quarters. If a Second Degree member wishes to lead a ritual, then we would be happy to arrange that.

To help ritual begin at the allotted time we prefer to arrange ahead of time who will be calling the quarters so if you know you will be attending any of our future rituals you wish to call a quarter you will need to arrange this.

Visualisation plays a very big part in online ritual. The whole thing can be visualised if need be but if you are a beginner it is best to have as many props or keys as possible, i.e. candles incense etc.

Making a Mistake
One most important thing you must always remember Deity always knows what is in your heart. If you make a mistake it doesn’t matter nothing will happen so don’t get flustered, just carry on as if nothing happened. We have all made mistakes in ritual it’s easy to do but it really doesn’t matter and to apologize in the middle of ritual would be to distract from the ritual and is unnecessary but if you feel you must this can always be done at the end.

Several parts of ritual will require your response, you should respond in the manner required rather than irresponsibly, for example the response to ‘We bid you Hail and Welcome!’ should be responded to with ‘Hail and Welcome!’ rather than an obscure response that no one understands.

Loss of Room Connection
If at any time those who are attending ritual lose internet connection, or for some other reason are thrown out of the ritual room, then please re-enter without interrupting the ongoing ritual.

This does happen to attendees on occasion and is not a problem if it does happen to you. However, it may be the case that you cannot, for whatever reason, return to the Ritual Room (it may say that your user name has already been taken; you can just use the name you chose with a number on the end and re-enter, also try refreshing your page before attempting to reenter) before the end of the ritual or are not able to reconnect to the Internet. If so, then please do not worry! You are not the only one it happens to and the ritual leader will know and understand
what has happened. Also if you cannot make it back into the Ritual Room before the end of the ritual it is advisable that you dismiss quarters, close circle and ground yourself, even if you do it as simply as possible.

Advertising Ritual
It is absolutely necessary to advertise our rituals as much as possible so that those wishing to attend are reminded when and where online ritual is taking place, not everyone belongs to our various groups so if you want to help get the message out there then please forward on any advertisement for our ritual that you feel appropriate.

For further times and places for our various online ritual please go to the Temple of Sedna: and click on the ‘Online Ritual Information’ link on the front page.
This will take you to the list of various online rituals we provide and also links to quarter calls which we use in in various rituals.

For more information, please email
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