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  • Gary Strout, HP 3rd. Degree

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 28

  • Temple of Nephthys

    6 members Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2019

    Temple of Nephthys

    Nephthys, is a member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, a daughter of Nut and Geb.
    The divine corresponding mirror…

  • Traditional Witchcraft

    18 members Latest Activity: Feb 11

    Simple steps to raise energy to perform your own personal magick. Create and control thought forms. Mirror Magick. Chants, spells, and…

  • vampire clan

    10 members Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2018

    vampire brother and sisterhood come together and talk bout life as a vampire and what we are about in life in the night time

  • Templvm Ignis Aeternvm

    4 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2015

    Correllian Proto-Temple based in Houston Texas

  • Pagan Military Department

    10 members Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2013

    Welcome to the Pagan Military Department of the Circle of the Mountain Shrine founded and ran by the Co-Shrine Keepers Paul Michael Patnode and…

  • Ravens Wyrd

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2013

    Ravens Wyrd is named after Odin's two ravens, Hugin & Munin (Thought and Memory), who set out each day to gather information…

  • To build a Pagan community in Michigan.

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 17, 2020

    I know to some this sounds like science fiction. But want build a self sustaining Community. Will need many. Doesn't have to be rich. Just all of…

  • Touched by the Crone

    4 members Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2018

    A group for people who have had near death experiences. A judgement-free zone where people can share their experiences.

  • Skype Connection

    118 members Latest Activity: Jul 17, 2020 Using Skype to connect to others for online Rituals, Study Groups, Mentoring, Discussion Groups, etc. Share your Skype info here, and invite others…

  • Path Of Solace

    13 members Latest Activity: Jul 17, 2020 This group is dedicated to the aid of those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and our Wounded Warriors.

  • Pagan Pride Support Group

    53 members Latest Activity: Jun 27, 2019 Witch School supports the Pagan Pride Project, through donations, attendance and volunteers. Join the effort to make Pagan Pride the best it ever has…

  • Dublin

    3 members Latest Activity: Nov 25, 2015

  • wsRaene2 (Raene's 2nd Degree students)

    3 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2009 Exclusively for members of the wsRaene2 study group, students studying Second Degree with Rev. Raene HPs as their mentor.

  • Yukon

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2013 WitchSchool Yukon

  • Nanavut

    3 members Latest Activity: Oct 8, 2013 WitchSchool Nanavut

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