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Global Wicca Summit Interview Participation

The Global Wicca Summit Interview Participation

We are seeking interviews with Wiccans from across the world and at every level. As we are seeking to answer is “Wicca as a Global Religion”, we are opening this Cyberconference to the world, to as many who are willing to participate. We are doing audio and video broadcasting, across multiple platforms, providing full 360 degree look at Wicca. Our expectation is that this will provide us even better information, helping us improve our understanding, making it part of our lives.

We have two ways to for Wiccans to participate. The first is contact us, and we can arrange a interview for the Global Wicca Summit. This will allow us to do prerecordings, as well as live shows.
If you are interested in participating please contact Rev. Lori at

The second is recording the interview yourself. Since cameras and microphones are so available, you can do an interview of yourself or others. By prerecording, you give us the ability to share it with the world.
All interviews can be Audio (MP3) or Video. Once completed, send it to Rev. Lori at

If you want, you can also do interviews with Wiccans. Just record them and send them in.
These can even be in any languages as this will global.
We are looking to add as many interviews along these lines as possible.
Once recorded, it can be sent to, and we will acknowledge receiving it.
If you need assistance recording, please contact Lori or myself.

Here is the basic questions we are asking:
1. How do you define Wicca?
2. What role do you play within Wicca?
3. What are your practices that are Wiccan in nature?
4. What value does Wicca offer to you?
5. What value does Wicca offer the world?

For Leadership/State of the Union
2. What role do you play within Wicca?
6. What is your community like?
7. What is its origins?
8. What is it legal status?

Simple 8 questions, which will allow us to understand more about the world of Wicca.
Of course, you can ask more than these questions, and interviews can be of any length.
We will reserve the right to edit for time, but it is not likely we will.

So this is what we need to do between now and August 30th.
Do recordings and send them to
If too large, we have other means. We have plenty of capacity.

Blessings and Thank You for Making this a Great Event!

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