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♣ How To Make The Brown WSI Banner On My Profile Page *Transparent* Like Others? ♣

Started Nov 15, 2015 0 Replies

♥ /|\ ♣ I Am Hoping That Some Wonderful Magickal Beings Here Can Help Me With This! ♣ The Witch School International Header Banner On My Personal Profile Page Is A Huge Ugly Brown Colour... It Clashes Terribly With My Colourful Profile Page. ♣ I See Many Personal Page Profiles On Witch School That Do Not Have That Huge Brown Header Banner Appearing On Their Profile Page... Their Witch School Banner On Their Page Is Totally *Transparent!* ♣ In My Own Page/Profile I Cannot Find *Anything* In My…Continue

Tags: Profile, Page, Transparent, Make, Banner

♥)O(♥ ♣ My Media Music Player Vanished From My WSI Profile! ♣ What Happened? ♣ ♥)O(♥

Started this discussion. Last reply by REV Skull Raven Feb 17, 2013. 14 Replies

♥)O(♥ ♣ I spent several years compiling a very high~quality and enjoyable mystical, magickal Music Playlist on my Witch School International profile. ♣ But, today I found that my Music Media Playlist Player had entirely *Vanished* from my profile! ♣ Our personal profiles are a spiritual haven for us to enjoy! Why did this happen? ♣ Has everyone had their profile Music Media Player taken away? I've checked many of my friend's profiles that used to have their own Music Media Playlist... and…Continue

Tags: Vanished, Player, Playlist, Music

♥)O(♥ ♣ Greetings & Salutations To The New Witch School International Administration! ♣ ♥)O(♥

Started this discussion. Last reply by Magickal Hummingbyrd Feb 8, 2013. 3 Replies

♣ I have been a happy Life*Time WSI member and student for years... and an Outer Court member of Witch School International for quite awhile. I now feel a great influx of fresh and quickening energies flowering forth in Witch School International! Posted topics and comments, and friendly conversations are beginning to flourish here again... wonderful transformations, and positive energizing changes are afoot here at WSI! ♣ I extend my Heart~Felt Gratitude to the previous... and to the new Witch…Continue

Tags: Administration, Editor, CEO, WSI, Salutations

♠♠♠ EBAY Bans Spells * Magick Potions * "Curses" * Metaphysical Products Services!!! ♠♠♠

Started this discussion. Last reply by Magickal Hummingbyrd Aug 28, 2012. 28 Replies

♠♠♠ EBAY Has Become Fascist In Banning Metaphysical & Magickal & Wiccan Products & Services! ♠ EBAY Does Not Know The *Difference* Between Healing & Positive Spellcraft ~ Beneficial Good Magick ~ Affirmations ~ Needed Ritual Items ~ Essential Oils... & Black Magick & Curses! Crazy Right~Wing Christians Are Now Ruling EBAY! ♠ Our Spiritual Freedoms Being Taken Away! ♣ The Fascist New World Order Is Upon Us!!! ♠♠♠♠…Continue



Started this discussion. Last reply by Magickal Hummingbyrd Dec 15, 2011. 8 Replies


Tags: Magick, MagickalHummingbyrd, Ritual, Iseum, FellowshipOfISIS

♥)O(♥ ♦♦♦ An Eclectic Pandora's Box Of Murmerings ♦♦♦ ♥)O(♥

Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel MSU Oct 19, 2011. 5 Replies

♥)O(♥♦♦♦ My ♦Witches Of Wizdom♦ Newest BlogTalkRadio Show:♦An Eclectic Pandora's Box Of Murmerings♦ My Goddess~Centered Path Mystical Magical Sojourns! ♦♦♦ ♥)O(♥♥)O(♥ ♦♦♦ Magickal Hummingbyrd ♦♦♦ ♥)O(♥ </;-pContinue

Tags: Animals, Loving~Kindness, Enlightenment, Magick, Witch

♥)O(♥ *** A WITCH BY ANY OTHER NAME *** ♥)O(♥

Started this discussion. Last reply by Zu Phoenix Aug 30, 2011. 14 Replies

♥)O(♥ A Very Well~Researched Article To Be Read With An Open Unbiased Mind! ♥)O(♥*** A WITCH BY ANY OTHER NAME ***(The Great Wicca vs. Witchcraft Debate)by Mike Nichols"A difference that makes no difference is not a difference."--Ambassador SpockIt took more than twenty years before I first ran across the notion that Witchcraft and Wicca were not the same thing. I don't remember where I first read it, but I do remember feeling bemused at such an assertion, and assumed the author had failed to…Continue

Tags: Definitions, Origins, Magick, Witch, Wicca

♥)O(♥ URGENT !!! Hundreds Of Viruses Attacked & Destroyed My Computer Today !!! ♥)O(♥

Started this discussion. Last reply by Magickal Hummingbyrd Feb 20, 2010. 13 Replies

♥)O(♥ Bright Blessings My Kindred Magickal Beings! ♥)O(♥   Hundreds Of Viruses Attacked & Destroyed My Computer Today! ALL Of My FilesAre Infected With The Viruses & My Computer Will Not Work At ALL! It Will Take MeSome Time To Be Able To Afford & Buy A New Computer!   The Warnings I Got On My Computer Said ALL My Passwords & My Credit Card& ATM Card Numbers Are Very Vulnerable For These Viruses Try To Steal Them!This Is The Reason That I Have Not Been Able To Contact Any Of…Continue


♥/|\♣ Magickal Emerald Green Celtic Druid Faerie Elven Devas Witch ♥Druid Grove Of Realms Creatures Nature Sidhe Elves Faerie Devas♥ Portal ♣ Druidess & Celtic Priestess ♣ Magickal Hummingbyrd ♣/|\♥

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♥)O(♥ ♦♦♦ MY ♣ GODDESS ORACLES OF WIZDOM ♣ Blog Talk Radio Show! ♦♦♦ ♥)O(♥

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 3:30am 1 Comment

♥)O(♥♦♦♦ My ♦GODDESS ORACLES OF WIZDOM♦ BlogTalkRadio Show:

♦ My Goddess~Centered Mystical Path As A Priestess Within The Fellowship Of Isis & As A Druidess Within Their Druid Clan Of Dana! ♦♦♦ ♥)O(♥

Listen to internet radio with…

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At 7:12pm on February 22, 2013, Magickal Hummingbyrd said…

♥)O(♥ ♣ Zephonith... The absolutely Magnificent gold and black statue of my beloved Goddess ISIS that you gifted me with below, is so Beautiful! I clicked on the picture and viewed HER Full~Size! ♣ SHE really L@@KS like the Starry Stellar Goddess that SHE is... as well as being Solar and Lunar and Earth Air Fire Water... and the ALL~Source Goddess of ALL That Is seen and unseen and Beyond! ♣ ISIS is the Ambrosial Spiritual Fabric and Tapestry of ALL The Exists and Beyond! ♣ ISIS is known as the beloved Goddess Of 10,000 Names and Faces! :-) ♣ ♥)O(♥

At 4:24am on February 22, 2013, Morel Carr said…

Thank you kindly, Magickal Hummingbyrd!

At 11:55pm on February 20, 2013, Zephonith said…

At 4:05pm on December 28, 2012, Tammy Davis said…

No, I do not know any of those. Shaver is my married name, even though I am now divorced, and the man I married was from Pennslyvania

At 8:54pm on February 7, 2012, Rev. SilentOwl said…


At 5:38am on October 16, 2011, Azoth said…
thank you for the invite and also the compliment I will be online more often now to!!! hope to speak to you soon Medevlock(Azoth)
At 5:08pm on October 15, 2011, Rev. SilentOwl said…
Hello Magickal Hummingbyrdbr />
This is nic is Silent owl...havent seen you on line for a long time, and hoped you where doing good....??

Blessings to you
Silent Owl
At 12:54pm on September 27, 2011, Rosemary said…
Hi Magickal Hummingbyrd***

How have you been doing?

I'm doing well and was very busy over the summer but I plan on getting on here more during the Fall and winter seasons come in... if you'd like to chat with me more you can on my facebook under rosemary rainbow

At 7:56pm on August 1, 2011, Shivali said…
Thank you ^-^
At 12:51am on July 19, 2011, Elizabeth Pine gave Magickal Hummingbyrd a gift
thanks for the request
At 5:45am on July 1, 2011, Rev. Patricia Russell said…
Sorry for being late in accepting friend request. laptop croaked and cell busy!!! Merry meet, Blessings Be,and Mother Earth rebounds!!!! P
At 5:47am on June 17, 2011, Rev. FireBlade Jadenscales said…
thank you for pointing out that i only unloaded the video to witchschool. I don't think people were understanding me try and tell them I just liked. it. I also would like you to know that i did message the person that uploaded it and told them what i did. I asked them if they didn't want me to do this i would take it down. They haven't reply.
At 8:57am on June 2, 2011, Eric Phillip Martin said…
Thanks for adding Me Sister. have a great day.
At 6:21pm on May 3, 2011, REV Skull Raven said…
Thanks for the comment on the dog pose, I just had to share he does look smart amost like he is thinking what are they up to now.Just sitting there like a human.
At 7:36am on May 2, 2011, MaryAnn said…
I just sent you a test message. Let me know if you receive it or not. Thanks!
At 11:25am on April 28, 2011, wiccanwitch2011 gave Magickal Hummingbyrd a gift
At 2:34pm on April 26, 2011, Bridget said…
At the time I was filling out the info section, I didn't know that they were the same thing. I just haven't bothered to go back and change it. <3
At 8:09am on April 21, 2011, Awhona K.G. Paul said…
Merry Meet sister and ofcourse I'll be joining those sites soon.I need to discuss loads of concepts with you on celtic path.Will speak with you soon dear.LOve and blessings...)O(
At 4:13pm on April 15, 2011, Magickal Hummingbyrd said…
At 1:11am on February 22, 2011, Valgandr said…
Dearest Hummingbryd, know you why some ancient peoples found the hummingbird a divine symbol - used to call divine beings from the sky? It is because like the crafts of the divine beings that were witnessed hovering silently the small birds were the only things thes people knew of in nature that remotely demonstrated these attributes to a degree. Unfortunately it was not often beneficial to these noble little birds since it also stimulated the demand for their plumage - and in some regions the beautiful birds vanished as a result for centuries in several instances.

Be well,

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