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34 weeks pregnant and really trying to be patient...

I've been feeling really guilty because I am sooo tired of being pregnant. I am so excited to be a first time mom and I actually love being pregnant, at least I loved the 2nd trimester. The third has been allll mood swings. I'm lashing out at my family, friends, and feeling very depressed. I really want to go into labor naturally, but I'm terrified that I'll carry her as long as my mom carried me (2-3 extra weeks!). She had my brother a week early though so maybe not. I'd like my daughter to be a couple days late (I'm due march 17, so it'd be awesome if she came on Ostara). Plus I'm really stressing because I'm the only one currently working and my fiance has been unable to get a job. He just got two interviews though (one tomorrow and the next on Friday) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'm always tired and have no energy for anything. Sometimes I'll have a small burst so I'll do a ton of laundry since I don't know when I'll have energy again... but that's all I've done. I wish I'd start nesting and that the next 6 weeks and 3 days would pass by quickly lol. Anyway, thanks for reading if you do. For whatever reason I decided to post this on here instead of my whattoexpect page. <3

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Comment by Levia on February 2, 2011 at 1:46am
Thank you for the encouragement, I needed that. :) My fiance is thankfully a wonderful man who does so much for me. He and one of our friends are fixing the baby's room for when she arrives, and he also cooks for me! I lean towards depressed when I'm not pregnant as well, it just seems to have intensified. We have lots of diapers and wipes from the baby shower, and I taught Eric how to put one on so someone will always be able to change her once she's born and I'll be breastfeeding and pumping so food won't be an issue for a while. I have a very high metabolism so I tend not to be as active. The more active I am the more I have to eat lol and I'm always eating. Anyway, thank you so much for the encouragement. It really brightened my day.


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