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The Daily Spell Facebook Page Posting Guidelines

The Daily Spell Facebook Page Posting Guidelines

As the Facebook Flagship of the overall The Daily Spell Channel.

We are seeking to share with the community Pagan-based news and information, including new contents from shows such as The Daily, and content geneated by othes. Do not think that there is too much content posting as each piece will be lucky to be seen by 1- 3% of the actual subscribers to the page.

Simple Guidelines:

1. No political statements unless it directly uses or refers to Witchcraft or Paganism.
This is not for direct politics in any way. This is about our community and therefore only direct mentions off Witchcraftm Paganism, Wicca, Heahenism etc are acceptable.

2. No posts or memes that are new age, historical, or holidays that are not directly related to the Pagan Path. This is essenial for a clear message of being for and about our community.

3. The origination of posts directly on as The Daily Spell gives maximium effect. This allows all shared posts to be credited to The Daily Spell. So whenever possible use a direct link. Once the link shows the preview please then remove the link from the description. It looks cleaner, and gets more overall share.

4. If you share directly another post from another page, understand that any amplification will benefit that page directly. It will be shared of the original post, and The Daily Spell will be dropped off. This is valuable when we want to promote a individual or page. (ie Selena Fox during a ritual). Its allowed, but should be done with a good reason and desire to amplify.
No mainstream press story should ever be shared this way, but link copied and posted directly to the page.

5. Live Shows are great. The can be spontaneous or scheduled as desired.
If preannounced, it is extremely important to meet the requested time. While events happen to prevent this, a pattern of missed scheduled live events is problematic.
Live Streams can include rituals, prayers, spells, lessons and commentary.
No Hate or Bigotry, is the primary standards.

6. Live Streams of other Channels. This is valuable to both the FB Channel and the channel creator. This can include shows including Tarot By Laura, Open Church and others.

7. Direct Uploads of Video: This is treated well by the FB Algorithyms, and should come with a description of the video, and why it should be watched.

8. Sharing Videos, Podcasts and Shows is allowed if it is of Pagan origion. A good source is Youtube Pagans group on Facebook.

9. Use of #HASHTAGS: Please use them and share them. For the The Daily Spell itself we can use #TDS for short.

10. Please use the Scheduled Posts, if you find yourself with time as this will allow as steady flow of Information.
If you have any questions, Dm me or email me at

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