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Testimonial Letter of Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe, Witan Herald CNT

Testimonial Letter of Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe, Witan Herald CNT - Dean of Mentoring CEM

I started the First Degree course via email back in 1999. I took the Second Degree course via email as well. I became a Witch School Mentor in 2002, the year after the Witch School website was founded. I had not come across an online school before, and I was impressed by the variety of online courses that had been established already for students by 2002. I can honestly say it is so much easier to take the courses and their corresponding tests online, rather than the back and forth of emails for them.
Over the years, I became an Assistant Dean and then Dean, helping the International students, mentors and members. Then for a while, I was President of Witch School. In the 16 years I’ve been working for the school, I have seen it grow so much, with more interesting courses and many dedicated volunteer mentors and with staff helping students through those courses.
I do not believe there is another comparable online Wiccan or Pagan school available at this time. So I am extremely pleased to see that there is now a rebuild which will without any doubt prove invaluable to the members (old and new) who are taking courses through Witch School. Everyone associated with the school will benefit, and together we will all grow in knowledge via the courses that are available for all members of the school.
Every member of Witch School is important to us; the staff, the mentors, and especially the students. No matter what part of the world you live in; Witch School is available for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere who wants to learn via our school’s online Wiccan/Pagan education system.
I am very happy to have been there to help the growing numbers of students and members over the years, and I would be very pleased to see anyone who can offer help now; either invest in a supporting membership, give a donation no matter how small, or even buy a T-shirt!
Here is the link that makes it all possible:
Many Blessings to everyone,
Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe
Witan Herald CNT
Dean of Mentoring CEM

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on July 5, 2018 at 6:28pm

I'm one of the old ones and was a round a long time ago never followed their tradition but was aware of it. back when the site was really jumping with many paths and information from others . I really enjoyed my time here , as it gave me away to express my self , and walk back to the ancient times and how generations before us viewed spirit, as well as religious beliefs . told stories and myths as well as morals . I thank all of you for giving this to me it was truly awesome and for that experie4nce Im greatful .


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