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Greetings All, my name is Mike Neal and I have been a Lifetime Member of Witch School ever since I found out about it on the internet. Back then, it was an easy choice to pay a single flat fee and be able to have access to a wide range of classes. Over the years, new classes and other offerings have increased the value of that one-time investment. Many of you may already be familiar with my name, as I conduct the semi-annual auctions to raise funds for the Correllian Tradition as well as oversee the CorrStore: the source for ritual wear, sigil patches, books, etc. I mention this, as you likely know from your time at Witch School that appealing for donations is not a common occurrence as you may have experienced in your former spiritual path. Likewise, the Correllian Tradition’s only fundraising projects are the twice-yearly auctions. I write this background to get to the intent of this letter to you.

By now, you have likely read letters from others concerning the need to have a full rewrite of the Witch School site to bring the technical software up to current standards, but more importantly, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the current outdated programming software. The goal of this fundraising campaign is $20,000.00. This is a huge undertaking but all so necessary to ensure Witch School continues as the center of Wicca / Pagan Studies throughout the globe. In the beginning, to provide an online source for these studies was the vision of just a few and look what has been accomplished – many, many 1000’s have entered these doors. Now consider how the vision of these 1000’s, which includes you, and what can be accomplished with our “joined” intent. With your support of this re-write, you will be a part of this ever-enlarging vision to reach the countless number of seekers who are looking for some clarity in their lives.

How can you be a part of this campaign?

If you are not, already a supporting member of Witch School, consider signing up today
– There are 3 options:
• Supporting Membership – payable monthly or
• Lifetime Membership – One-time payment – “Best Value” or
• Donate and be a part of the vision and website rebuild

If you are a Lifetime Member and are already reaping the benefits, consider a one-time donation to “pay it forward” so that others have a place to learn and be part of our community.

Here is the link that makes it all possible:

Lastly, please consider one of our concepts: “three-fold return”: We, as individuals, may have constraints on our finances but the Universe does not. We do not “give” to “get”, but the Goddess sees our heart, our intent and she flows it back to us manifold.

Thank you for sharing your time by reading and considering what you can do to fulfill this campaign.

Many Blessings,

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