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Who are the Correllians? Social Media Request

We have completed the Witch School rebuild. At the same time, we have aligned the school’s purpose to support the efforts of the Tradition. What began in 2001 as an educational site for Pagans and Wiccans, has become a 501c3 Religious Seminary, Correllian Educational Ministry. It went from an idea, being a venue to learn, to the beginnings of a formal education system. Lady Stephanie Neal led the team that made this change in recent years.

Today, with the rebuild and deeper mission built, we are developing ways to attract more students, provide support for those students we have, and continue in our leadership role of a better world. To do this we have come forward with the ‘Who Are the Correllians” campaign for social media.

In seeking growth of the Tradition, we seen the expansion of Wiccans and Witches, to over a million and a half people in the United States, with an equal number of Pagans of other Traditions. This has allowed a lot of faceless sites and groups to move in and offer training far less than we offer. In order to offer a positive outlook, we want to show the community what we have. We do that by featuring our community, as Correllians, and as Witch Schoolers.

Step 1:
Utilizing a Static Meme, we create a uniform picture that has “Who are the Correllians?”, with a Picture on the Left, and on the right 2-3 bullet points. It is to be 1200 by 600 pixels. We are looking for as many of our members who are wiling to be public, allowing us to show our community. These will be shared on Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who Are the Correllians?
- Rank or Position
- Service or Duty
- One or two cool facts
Name of Correllian /

We are Witch School!
- Rank or Position
- Service or Duty
- One or two cool facts
Name of Witch Schooler /

Step 2:

We will extend the campaign by creating short videos; One Minute and 2-5 Minute videos.
These will be used for TIKTOK (one minute), Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Step 3:

Podcast Series, “Who are the Correllians?”, hosted by First Elder Ed Hubbard (and other Guest Hosts), which will give a more in depth look at members who are open to this. It will allow to give a human presence to our online presence. These can be done at any time, through phone or by computer link.
These will give us iTunes, Blog Talk Radio, and other Podcast pages.

What is the Goal?

We are seeking to attract new students, who are looking at the community seeking training, and to provide a human touch. This also will give a boost to individual members towards being recognized for this work.

Who are we looking for?
Literally, this is open to every Correllian/Witch Schooler who will stand with us. Of Course, Lady Stephanie, Lord Don, will be among the first. We are expecting that some of the Arch Priesthood and High Priesthood, to be interested. We really want Temple Heads. Mentors, Order leaders, etc. But let us state we want First Degrees, Second Degrees, and Outer Court Members, who will be willing to stand and show we are a healthy and happy community.

To Join:
Contact us at, with a Picture and what you would like to be your writing for the First Meme. You can also Let lady Stephanie or Ser Ed know, through Facebook messenger that you want to participate. Once you take this action, then we can give more info for video components and how to be on the upcoming Podcast. Please contact us and let us know you are willing to participate.

Thank you for your consideration and joining us in sharing with the world.

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