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Witch School Alternative Content: Crystal Oracle adn Ed the Pagan Show

Dear friends, family and members of Witch School,

During the next few weeks Witch School will be undergoing a major upgrade, and we thank you for your patience. Once this is completed, we will have a fully modernized site, ready to continue our lifetime commitment. We have alternative ways to enjoy Witch School’s amazing community.

During this time, our co-founder, now famously know as Ed the Pagan, is working and sharing his adventure in Salem, as a reader and magician sharing through social media, cultivated at This is a highly experimental art form, something risky and dangerously bold. So like his moments like starting Witch School, or pioneering into radio, video and internet communication for Pagans, he is all in on the new way of digital communication, Reality Marketing. Of course, he is seeking out and sharing to our community and the mainstream beyond. He is on, as well as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

As part of his love of magic and shared global spells, a exploratory band of magical and psychic practitioners, The Crystal Oracle Creators, is emerging to help him develop the Crystal Oracle, a moment of shared thought and vision seeking. The ritual will be shared live, on 11;41 am eastern 10/31/19. This ritual builds on the Great Crystal Web, which over three decades ago. The Crystal Web develops energy through the enchantment and placement of crystals, into a psychic and magical grid. Today, more than a million crystals by several thousands of practitioners into a globally enhanced network. Many of the best participants enjoy the flow and wonder of the energy generated by the web, and its use in psychic and magical uses. The feeling of greater energy and amplification is the wonder and awe of the Crystal Web. Join us at our FB Page and discover the rituals we use at, The Daily Spell Crystal Web.

So we have lots of ways to continue to study including our huge archive at We have over 3,000 episodes of magical interviews, along with our current new show, Elder Talk with the Lady Stephanie, Lord Don, and Ser Ed. So many interviews and so many ways to understand the Pagan World on Pagans Tonight.

We have 3,000 episodes on Magick TV including lessons, so that allows you to explore, including lessons and spells on Witchcraft and Wicca.

On our Facebook Page, , we will have a constant flow of information, including Live announcements of what is happening with the site. So our page can connect you to our entire Facebook presence.

So thank you for your patience and your presence, and hope you enjoy some of the alternative branches of Witch School.


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