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Welcome to the New WSI Site Preview!

First, I want to thank every donor who has pitched in by donating, purchasing a Lifetime Supporting Membership, or grabbing some of our great perks at Without you none of this would be possible. By the time we are done we will have raised funds to pay for over 725 hours of professional, top notch programming by the Xoho Corporation. They have been very gracious with us by allowing us to fund raise as we go on the project. We are down to the final three payments and hope when you see what is coming you will consider helping get us over the finish line if you have no already donated or purchased a Lifetime Supporting Membership.
Now for the good stuff. I am going to take you on a little tour of the new Log On page and Home page on the new site as it sits now on the development server. Things might change slightly before it is released to our users, but you will be able to see the jest of what we are going for in the initial user experience. Much of the content is populated with placeholders at the moment because all the information will be imported from the old Witchschool (WSI) site. That is what the final payment covers, along with post migration testing, so that payment is double the other two remaining payments.

As you can see, we have kept our much love Witch School font and logo. We state right up front our purpose “Anyone, Anyplace, Anytime Online Magickal Education!”. We also have two menus to interact with within the Home page header. The first will allow new visitors to learn about WSI, preview the courses offered, find information on our subscription plans, contact one of our volunteers at WSI or become a Student. The second will allow users to find valuable information about teaching a course at WSI, look at what is happening on the Event Calendar, one click jump over to our companion social site, The Daily Spell (TDS), read our Terms of Service (TOS), become a Sponsor at WSI, search our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or learn about the WSI’s volunteer staff.

But our hope is that new or current students won’t simply just utilize these important links but also hang around the Home Page a few minutes to check out other features. If Users scroll down, they will see the latest News in the news box. This is a huge thing for staff here at WSI because we haven’t been able to change the Home page on the old site in years. The programmers haven’t populated a News story yet, but we will be doing so frequently when we go live! Prospective Students will also see the latest membership and country coverage numbers. The ones in the screen shot are just place holders. We are currently over 275,000 accounts having been created at WSI representing seekers in 122 countries around the world. The potential new user will be encouraged to register a new account as well.

As the User continues to scroll down, they will find a short explanation of Wicca (again programming placeholder verbiage now displays here) a link to an explanation of the Correllian Wicca Degree programs and quick links to the FAQ, retrieving forgotten passwords (a feature that is in need of repair on the old site), and becoming a Student.

As the User continues to scroll down, they will find our latest videos and a link to hundreds of more Lord Don Vlogs, interviews with notables and practitioners in the Pagan community and much, much more! These videos will be changing on a daily basis so always pause a moment to see the latest ones when you log in!

Finally, on the Home page Users will be able to find links and support to expand their WSI experience and contact those who can help with questions or issues. Again, the verbiage is just a programmer’s place holder. This page footer is repeated on every page so the User can easily get the answers and help they need.

Now let’s explore the menu options! Our first stop is the About page. At the top of the page the familiar global menu options are present. This is followed by a short blurb about WSI. Please excuse the typo. We have not started User acceptance testing yet and there will obviously be clean up along the way.
By scrolling down the User learns more about Our Features. These are the things that set us apart from other on-line metaphysical sites.

The next stop is one I am very excited about! It’s the Courses Page. The User will be able to see which courses are included in the Free Basic Membership and those they have the opportunity to enjoy with a Supporting Membership, each on their own tab. The courses reflected on the Dev site today are only place holders as all the course information will come over in the migration import. You can see we have a new search function. You will have the ability to search by Course Number or Name in the left-hand search box. You will have the ability to search by Language on the right-hand search box.

If the User scrolls down, they will see a box for each course on that tab. Each box is full of surprises! Here a member can register for a course, learn more about the course, or save it as a favorite to add to their schedule at a later time. There is no limit as to the number of courses that can be marked as favorites. Students will also be able to see how many courses they are registered for by the “#” number indicated below the heart shaped Favorites flag. If they are not already enrolled for the course, they will be prompted to register for the course. Once registered, the Student can access the course by clicking the course name.

The final page I would like to share in this preview is the Contact Page. I will be saving the Student Dashboard for another e-mail when I go into more Student features. From this fast jump menu Users will be able to get all the help they need. Since WSI no longer has a President that box will become Dean of Students. This page also credits the original founders of WSI, Ed Hubbard, Lisa Tuit and Don Lewis. Finally, if someone has ordered something from the Corr Store on the main site but has an issue, there is a Shipping Support contact for that.

So, I hope this sneak peak at the Home Page of the new WSI site has you as excited as it has us. We can’t wait to get into the final phases of the project so that we can release the new site as soon as possible. However, we are still raising funds for the final three payments and need your help. If you have already helped, we thank you. If you have hesitated until you see real results, now is the time to pitch in! Please consider a Lifetime Supporting Membership now before they disappear when the site goes live! If you already have a Lifetime Supporting Membership, please take a peek at our cool rewards, or just donate. All this can be done through this link!
Walk in peace on your chosen path,
Rev. Laurie
Dean of Students

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Comment by Merlinnus Starhawk on July 1, 2019 at 10:40am

I like the layout and design of the new site, can't wait to see it launched!

Comment by D on August 18, 2019 at 1:12pm

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain the changes.

Comment by Meredith Wilson on September 15, 2019 at 4:48pm

I can't wait for the new website to launch!


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